Child of Mine

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"A romcom set in BOSTON in the 80s?? Yes please!" - New York Times bestselling author Erin Nicholas

The bigger the secret, the harder it is to hide.

Single mom Isabella York was a celebrity before she had her first kiss, her first date, or her first sip of alcohol. Playing the bad girl—both on and off the set—made up for lost time, but the consequences were life-changing. Back home in Boston, with her "checkered past" behind her, all she wants is to raise her little girl far from the spotlight. After all, revealing her secrets could mean losing everything.

For her, and her daughter.

It's not that Henry Smith hates kids—they don't like him. Meanwhile, he's stuck producing children's TV, so he's doing the best he can to be less of a grouch. Not everyone gets a second chance to chase his dream, and if he plays his cards right at this new gig, he can move on to making television that will change the world, not just entertain a bunch of brats.

Even better, he just might be able to talk the woman he never thought he'd see again into greenlighting a do-over.

In this sexy, heartwarming, Secret Baby, 80's throwback romcom, a Sunshine-Grumpy pair has to face the past before they can find their future… together.

★★★★★ "5 '80s loving' stars for this fourth installment of Karen's Boston Classics!!" @Pixiedustreads

★★★★★ "One of the most delightful books I've read all year...As secret baby books go, this is one of my favorites… Grey's writing is whip-smart with wonderful dialogue (especially the voices in Bella's head), interesting developments, and steamy sexy times." Once Upon a Page Blog

★★★★★ "If you are a fan of a nostalgic 80s romance with a hot grumpy yet caring man, a determined strong single mama, a sweet and smart little girl (secret baby!), the perfect touch of steam, forced proximity, a little bit forbidden workplace romance, catching up with some favorite past characters, some dark issues, and a swoon-worthy heartfelt HEA, then you will absolutely adore this book." @JodiReadsNListens

★★★★★ "A funny, sweet, sometimes emotional, but ultimately heartwarming story featuring endearing, three-dimensional characters and a well-crafted second chance romance." Laurie Reads Romance

★★★★★ "Grey did an amazing job with the secret baby/second chance romance in Child of Mine. Both tropes can be hit or miss, but Ms. Grey took the ball and ran with it and gave her readers a funny, sexy, and endearing story." Blogging by Liza

★★★★★ "Lots of nostalgia, loads of humor, just enough drama to keep it interesting but not too much to overload you, and overwhelming feelings of love and happiness in the end." LA Loves Romcoms

★★★★★ "If you enjoy a secret baby romance, a second chance, and workplace romance, a really sweet and very smart child, and handling the aftermath of being a child TV star (ie. substance abuse, rehab and everything that goes along with it, which is well researched and very well handled in the story context), you will surely love this one as much as I did!" Bella Reads Romance

★★★★★ "One of my favorites of the series, if not the best for me!" Lisa Loves Literature

★★★★★ "Child of Mine was a great rom com read and I HAVE to go back and read the other books in the series. While I'm late to the game, Karen Grey's writing has me completely hooked!" LB Book Blog

December 1
Karen Grey
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Homeschool4Him ,

One of my favorites of the series

Child of Mine is the 4th book in Grey’s Boston Classics series set in the late 80s. Bella’s been a secondary character in the Boston Classics series since the beginning and behind “Hot” Steve she’s the story I was most looking forward to. You could start here as there aren’t any spoilers for previous stories (other than they end up together – but this is romance, so yeah). However, I definitely recommend reading/listening to them in order.

I admit that “secret baby” is not my favorite trope. Mostly because I usually find the MC’s reasons for keeping the secret pretty lacking. However, I really loved the way Grey handled it here. No spoilers – so I’m not telling, but it worked for me.

Henry & Bella have a fling and external forces keep them apart for 7 years. Now that they’ve met again – the previously extinguished flame is rekindled. Bella is faced with revealing that they have a child, major career & life choices, plus moving beyond mistakes from her past.

No, she does not consider Lilah one of those mistakes. Bella is a devoted mom and I appreciated Grey’s inclusion of Lilah as an integral part of the story. She wasn’t a prop or someone to be on page for a few minutes just for a joke to work. I also liked Henry’s efforts to get to know his daughter.

There’s a little drama/angst as Bella, Henry, and even Lilah react to the new dynamics. It worked well in giving the story realism and depth. There’s also some healing for Bella and Henry individually that helped me believe they were ready for their HEA. Overall, it was an enjoyable read and a great addition to a fun series.

Great start to a series! ,

Serious, sweet, saucy - and absolutely wonderful!

Child of Mine is the fourth entry in author Karen Grey’s marvelous Boston Classics nostalgic romance series. It’s wonderful as a standalone and it’s the perfect continuation of a series I hope lasts forever. Karen Grey doesn’t just remind us about the 1980s. We’re not reading about them – we are living them again. It’s like being in your goofy past, hooking up again with familiar old friends. The clothes, the hair, the music, the attitudes, the catch phrases. The social mores and dating scene that are different than today but the love and loss and hope and heartbreak – and the handsome, sexy guys with smiles that make you melt - are just the same. Will, Ben and Cal to name a few. And now there is Henry. Struggling with a lot of things, but single-minded when he sees the woman he wants. Even if it scares him.

In 1982, two people experience a moment of magic. Real magic. Unexpected, instant attraction, stars, violins, this might be it wow magic. And then, like sometimes happens with magic – poof! And these two people are left wondering, “What if?”

Jump to 1989. Bella York has a quiet life and wants to keep it that way. Raising her (incredibly precocious) daughter and working at the bookstore with her mother and being part of a local theater group is as much excitement as she wants. Until money becomes a big, big problem and she needs to get a job and ends up at the PBS station WGBH. But she doesn’t want her past to ever resurface. Enter Henry Smith, whose life is actually too quiet and who wants to see if he can get back on track after having to abruptly return home years ago and jump off the fast-track train. He, too, is starting work at WGBH. When he and Bella see each other – WHOA! Bella wonders if she can just run home and stay there. Because . . . well, because would be a spoiler and you need to read Child of Mine for yourself and enjoy every single minute of it like I did. But just let me tell you that the room gets pretty crowded with Bella and Izzy and Quinn and Henry and Hal in it! Pretty funny, and pretty steamy!

Author Grey is such a good writer. She has a knack for balancing the humor with the sadness, the fear to jump in with the desire to change life for the better, and for inserting phrases that make you laugh out loud, put your hand to your heart and say, “Awww,” or make you reach for a tissue. The plot is solid and just takes you along with it, making you love these characters so much you never want to leave them, and you want everything to be all right. Saying that Henry looks like a combination of Kurt Russell and Leif Garrett right off the bat doesn’t hurt, either. And the nostalgia of the crazy 1980s is a bonus.

Child of Mine is serious, sweet, saucy, and sexy, sexy, sexy all rolled into one. Old favorite characters appear, expanding the big, happy family we’ve come to love. Lilah is adorable in a so thoughtful and solemn it’s almost scary kind of way. Both Bella and Henry have some issues from the past that must be resolved if there is to be a future. There are surprises and unexpected revelations that need to be worked out. Grey juggles it all to a very satisfying conclusion.

Thanks to author Karen Grey for providing an advance copy of Child of Mine for my reading pleasure and honest review. I love this series and as I finish each book I think, “Wow, that one was the best.” Great characters, great plot, great smooches . . . what more could you want? All opinions are my own.

mamagalindo ,

Nostalgic and fun read

I loved the 80’s and can relate to so many things in this story. Lol. Very fun and entertaining book! Child of Mine is book 4 is the Boston Classic series. Isabella (Bella) is a single mom to Lilah; she is doing her best and getting a fresh start to get away from her past. Lilah is the result of one night stand many years ago - Bella tried to contact the father but gave up after several failed attempts. She’s starting a new job and is excited. Henry arrives in town looking for a fresh start as a hot shot director. He is single, doesn’t like kids but is a director for a kids tv show. He’s doing this job to hopefully move up the ladder. You guess it - they are working on the same TV show. Memories from their past begin to creep in and a workplace romance starts - because they cannot seem to stay away from one another. As the relationship blooms they share their past mistakes, retreats, feelings of failure and lost time. This is a lovely story filled with second chances, forgiveness, angst, understanding and some heat. I requested an arc and I am leaving my honest review.

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