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Animated and Interactive bilingual edition (English Russian) with full length pictures! Touch the characters/objects while you read along and watch some surprise animations! Perfect for young readers as each page contains only a few sentences!! 

Bilingual English - Russian Christmas picture book for Children Ages 4-8 

This is a beautifully illustrated Christmas story. Read this hilarious Christmas book with full length color illustrations about Jojo, a naughty baby elephant calf. Jojo loves to eat his favorite cherries. This fast paced book begins when Jojo who refuses to share the cherries. 

On Christmas eve, the Queen announces a grand Christmas party.  

None of his friends want to celebrate Christmas with Jojo.

-Will Jojo mend his ways?

-What happens in the Christmas party??

-Read this sweet little Christmas book to find out ... 

This humorous story hopes to capture the spirit of Christmas and the joy of friendship and sharing.

Merry  Christmas! 

Introduce your child to forest animals like elephants, deer, monkey,peacock and many more.

You can use this book to talk to your child about the importance of sharing. 

Jojo learns the value of a heart felt apology. 

You could talk to your children about saying ‘sorry’.  

A positive and feel good story with beautiful illustrations will keep your child's interest for bedtime reading. 

They can read along with the parent about Jojo and his wonderful friends and family. Cheerful illustrations are on every page to make this Christmas story very interesting for children. 

As a bonus, included FREE - Find the partially hidden berries on each page. 

Go on a berry hunt! Take a quiz and guess the berries at the end of this book.

Рождественский день Джоджо – милая рождественская история о шаловливом слонёнке. 


Эта иллюстрированная рождественская история про шаловливого слонёнка, Джоджо. Джоджо любит  сочные ягоды. На кануне Рождества он не захотел делится вишнями со своими друзьями. 

Тем временем, королева объявила рождественский вечер. Друзья Джоджо не хотят праздновать Рождество с ним. 

Исправится ли Джоджо? 

Что случилось на Рождество? 

Прочитай и узнай… 

Это история передает рождественский дух и ценность дружбы и щедрости. 

Счастливого Рождества! 


Получи удовольствие от поиска ягод на каждой странице. 

Найди ягоды.  Они спрятаны на каждой странице.

December 18
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Armo Infomedia Pvt Ltd
Grades K-3

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