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Lets bust a few myths about ghosts, shall we:
• you can’t see them
• you can’t touch them
• they can’t hurt you

If you subscribe to any of the beliefs above, then woe betide you—and consider the contents of Chilling Ghost Stories to be the syllabus for your remedial education. These twenty-five tales feature spooks both visible and invisible whose varying degrees of tangibility are proof that, sometimes, what you can’t see most assuredly can hurt you. They are so frightening that they should come with a Specter General’s warning that you shouldn’t read them if you’re faint of heart.
Black Tancrède—Henry S. Whitehead. The rebellious slave had cursed his torturers with his dying breath. A century later the hideous instrument of his wrath was still at large.
Out of the Deep—Walter de la Mare. Whatever the bell-pull in the old house summoned it ensured that the person who pulled it would never do so again—in this lifetime.
The Tower—Barry Pain. You can’t see what haunts the abandoned tower, but some believe that they have heard or touched it—and they have fared much better than those whom it has touched.
The Horse of the Invisible—William Hope Hodgson. Was the spectral horse that prowled the grounds of the Hisgins estate a hoax, a curse—or something worse.
The Secret of Macarger’s Gulch—Ambrose Bierce. The murderer and his victim were long gone from the earthly plain, but the sounds of their fatal pas de deux persisted eerily.
The Well—W. W. Jacobs. It was unfortunate when Benson’s fiancée dropped her bracelet down the old well. But what Benson encountered when he descended to retrieve it was downright horrifying.
A Ghost’s Revenge—Lettice Galbraith. There was something terribly wrong about the house in Creamshire—something that sent its owners fleeing in terror to die of fright.

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March 31
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