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Are you moving to China? Or maybe going for a study-abroad trip?

China is a fascinating and dynamic country, where thousand year old temples and pulsing nightclubs exist only minutes apart. 

It’s also extremely foreign, where day-to-day systems run completely different from what you’re accustomed.

China Living: A Practical Guide to Living & Thriving in China is your solution to navigating your time in the country. Where Lonely Planet provides necessary information for travelers passing through a country, China Living gives you all the essentials for quickly integrating and adjusting to life in China. 

I have spent over 3 years working and studying in Shanghai and Beijing, navigating the cities and all the intricacies that living in China entail. All the tips, tricks, and stories in this book are a product of those three years, both living, working, and travelling extensively within China and Southeast Asia as well. 

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to live, work, or teach abroad, a businessman or woman who is being sent by their company overseas to the Middle Kingdom, or just a world traveler spending an extended vacation in China and venturing to live like the Chinese, this book will help you avoid the pitfalls that trip up so many expats, and help you to really thrive in your new environment. 


"When my girlfriend and I arrived in Shanghai a few years ago, we had no idea what we were doing, and worse than that, we had no clear path forward. There was no instruction manual for what we were trying to do, at least not back then. China is a very exciting place, but it can also be incredibly intimidating. We were lucky enough to make contact with Corey and suddenly everything seemed to be getting better. For months, we'd been eating poor food, wasting money, puzzling over regulations, and just generally starting to "think twice" about our decision to pick up our life and plop down in Shanghai. Corey saved us. He showed us how to stay healthy, happy, and safe in a very alien place, and the fun and success we are having now would not have been possible without him. His genius, I think, lies in the fact that he's done it all before--for himself--and that he understands exactly where we were coming from as young Westerners. My only regret is that we hadn't been in contact with him sooner. His advice would have saved us truck-loads of grief and money. Nevertheless, please accept my wholehearted endorsement of Corey Sheridan as the finest "Old China Hand" there ever was!" – Chris Crawford Jr. 

Corey Sheridan is the best expat I know! When I moved to Shanghai a couple of years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I found myself in an overly expensive apartment, unsure how to meet other people, and generally lost in the vastness that is China. Once I met Corey, he not only showed me how to live more comfortably while saving money, he also knew how to make the most of Shanghai’s diverse cultural offerings. From restaurants, to museums, to bars, to shopping areas, Corey always has advice on how to live the way you want to live in China. – Hannah Puckett

Book Contents include:

-What to pack

-Getting a phone, bank account, and metro card

-Apartment hunting

-Making friends




-Paying bills

-Tips with your housekeeper

-Money management

-Pets & plants

-The bank

-Healthcare & hospitals



June 14
Corey Sheridan
Corey Sheridan

Customer Reviews

Xenak ,

Must Own!

Whether you are a China veteran like myself or fresh of the plane, this book is the most effective way to make your life easier and experience more enjoyable. This book has prepared answers to all the tough questions and will let you avoid all the mistakes most people make on their first trip to China. It is organized, easy to read and jam packed with information. I've been here for 4 years and still found it incredibly useful!

Brittany M. Smith ,

Amazing Guide for (new and old) Expats Living in China!!

I have been living in Shanghai for almost 2 years and finally found this great resource about China! This book was such a helpful guide to me even though I know Shanghai pretty well by now. The chapter on figuring out the bus system was so useful since I cannot read Chinese and could not figure it out on my own. I also really enjoyed hearing advice & tips on house hunting since I was looking for a new apartment at the time. The store suggestions for kitchen supplies and custom made furniture was amazing since I never even knew these places existed!! This guide is extremely well rounded for both the first time visitor and the expat who has lived in China for years. Every detail of making an expat feel comfortable in such a difficult and challenging country is covered and explained in this great book! - Brittany Smith