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Journey with us to Xi'an, Chang'an, Xianyang: a historic crossroads in the heart of China.

In China they say: To see thirty years of Chinese history go to Shenzhen; to see two hundred years, go to Shanghai; to see one thousand years, go to Beijing; but to see five thousand years of Chinese history, go to Xi’an.

Many people from around the world come to China with a few things on their checklist, the Terra Cotta Warriors often near the top. But once you’re here, you will realize they are just the tip of the iceberg of China’s great history—ancient, long, dynastic, yet still very much alive. Take a longer look at Xi’an, under a stone, behind a wall, in a bowl of soup. There is much more than meets the eye. 

We hope China Tea Leaves gives a unique perspective on China, from “foreigners” living in the Middle Kingdom, who have a firsthand experience of this incredible culture. We’re trying to open up a little bit of China to the world, in its puzzles and its charms, to show in colour, story, picture and poem a sense of China that you can’t get from a black and white text.

Each China Tea Leaves travel guide includes the following features:

Over 30 full-colour photographs
Hand sketched interactive maps that highlight pictures of each site. Beautiful and practical.
Food – restaurant recommendations and highlights of local dishes.
Drink – from tea to Chinese yellow wine, know the best of that locale
Chinese poetry specific to the region, in Chinese and English
Local legends and traditional folklore
Glossary – learn the Chinese words for each city and region
Chinese phrasebook – with audio pronunciation guide by a native speaker
Recommendations on local specialties – what to bring home to your family and friends

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January 30
China Tea Leaves
China Tea Leaves

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