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Journey to the east with China Tea Leaves travel guides as your companion and visit Shanghai - the Paris of the Orient and bustling symbol of modern China.

Shanghai, the new China. There has never been such a place. The tomorrowland of a present still becoming, the future of a past that barely even existed, an extraordinary flash in the pan. By some accounts the largest city in the world, Shanghai will overwhelm you with its sparkle, size, and stunning growth. But it also seems familiar in its international style, leafy residential neighborhoods, and an open worldliness. Paris of the Orient, Chicago on the sea. Take a look and see what you find reflected here. 

At China Tea Leaves, we’re opening up a little bit of China to the world, in its puzzles and its charms, to show in colour, story, picture, and poem a sense of China that you can’t get from a black and white text. Visit us at www.chinatealeaves.com to learn more.

Each China Tea Leaves Travel Guide includes:

- Over 30 full-colour photographs

- Hand sketched interactive maps that highlight pictures of each site. Beautiful and practical.

- Food – restaurant recommendations and highlights of local dishes.

- Drink – from tea to Chinese yellow wine, know the best of that locale

- Chinese poetry specific to the region, in Chinese and English

- Local legends and traditional folklore

- Glossary – learn the Chinese words for each city and region

- Chinese phrasebook – with audio pronunciation guide by a native speaker

- Recommendations on local specialties – what to bring home to your family and friends

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October 9
China Tea Leaves
China Tea Leaves

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