Choice and Hope for Health Care

A Primer On Comprehensive Health Care Reform

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Choice and Hope for Health Care

A Primer on Health Care Reform

By Francis W. Price, Jr., MD

This book was designed for health care consumers and for those in industry and government who want to understand why our health care costs are out of control, how our current health care system is likely to further increase costs while limiting our health care choices, and how we can have an alternative that will both be cost effective and still allow access to new advances in medical care.

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September 14
Francis W. Price Jr., MD
Francis W. Price Jr., MD

Customer Reviews

Tony Sterrett ,

Choice and Hope for Health care

This book does a great job of explaining the problems with our current health care system and how they can be fixed. Everyone concerned about health care in America should read it!

Ricky Fielding ,

The harsh reality of America's healthcare.

This book brings to light the obvious problems with America's healthcare. As an RN and EMT, I witness the complete waste of resources in our current healthcare system. What I have seen is clearly displayed in this book. This is a definite read for people of any profession.

hankcornea ,

Choice and Hope for Health Care

The best single source of an alternative to our present health care plan. Clearly shows the folly of America's current new health care mandate. First plan to create a workable framework from someone with no motive except to help this country.

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