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Are you sabotaging the love that is possible in your relationships? Have you ever wished you could unlock the love that is your true nature and express it fully? Choosing Love offers a spiritual approach to transforming relationships by showing you how to let go of your preconceived ideas and judgments. By moving beyond your ego and conditioning, you can create a richer, more loving life for yourself and those you care about. You have the power to determine how much love you experience in any given moment.

Choosing Love provides profound insights and practical advice about how the ego interferes with love and happiness; moving beyond romantic illusions; recognizing, finding, and sustaining a meaningful relationship; overcoming anger, judgments, criticism, and resentment; resolving issues like infidelity, money, commitment, sexual differences; and seeing the Divine in another.

This book was formerly titled Loving in the Moment.

March 27
Gina Lake
Smashwords, Inc.

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Ed from Essence ,

Choosing Love: Moving from Ego to Essence in Relationships

This book and subject matter is truly transformative. So much has been written regarding the problems we face with our relationships, yet most deal within the realm of the ego. They don’t get to the spiritual heart of the matter and the fundamental way to go beyond the ego. We cannot get to where we want and need to be unless we do get past egoic thoughts and conditions.
The answer is to move into Essence. To choose Essence. No other book ( and I’ve read hundreds) shows how we do this in such a clear and easy to understand way.
The payoff is what we all truly want and why we’re here having this human experience: To know love. To experience true love. This is Essence.

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