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Were you baptized as a child, or even as an infant? Perhaps you do not even remember your baptism!

If you were baptized, how can you be sure that your baptism was really valid and acceptable in God's sight?  If you have not been baptized, what do you need to do to be sure you will be baptized in the way God requires?

How badly do you personally need God's forgiveness? Do you really believe that you need a Savior?

These are truly vital questions, because your eternity depends upon the answer!

Religion & Spirituality
June 23
Living Church of God
Living Church of God

Customer Reviews

Justsomekris ,

Good For The Basics

I thought, by the title of the book, it would be a more biblical and theological explanation about baptism, but it reads more like a "What You Should Know About What It Means To Be A Real Christian Before You Get Baptized" booklet. Which was still a pleasant read and well written but not what I was expecting. Nevertheless, a little refresher/reminder of the basics, written for the common man never hurts. :)

AlwaysforGod ,


Not even worth your time ! Don't bother with this booklet! If you want to know about baptism and how to go about getting baptized talk to the Catholic Church they can help you!

4 leaf clover. ,

ACTS 2:38 the only TRUE BAPTISM

If you are baptized in the " titles of God" then you are not belong to and to be in the family of Jesus...who is the bridge to safety, you must be baptized in JESUS NAME....Then and only then are you apart from the world, because you take HIS NAME .....JUST AS YOU DO IN MARRIAGE. He will prove that you are accepted by filling you with the Holy Ghost....Which gives you the power and authority to, heal,raise from the dead...and do everything the apostles did.
The feeling is glorious...

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