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A unique collection of more than 50+ Books.

The list of books are:-

1. The Complete Sayings of Jesus 

2. Pistis Sophia 

3. Corpus Hermeticum

4. The Hymn of Jesus, Echoes from the Gnosis

5. Gnostic John the Baptizer

7. Apocrypha Arabica

8. The Gospel of Thomas

9. The Lord's Prayer

10. The Book of the Cave of Treasures

11. The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise

12. The Story of My Misfortunes: The Autobiography of Peter Abelard

13. The Writings of St. Francis of Assisi

14. The Cloud of Unknowing 

15. Foxe's Book of Martyrs

16. Synod of Dordrecht

17. Heidelberg Catechism 

18. The Second Helvetic Confession

19. Church Order

20. Liturgy of the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands

21. Westminster Shorter Catechism

22. The Westminster Confession of Faith 

23. Westminster Larger Catechism 

24. The Works of Stephen Charnock

25. Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained

26. Bunyan

27. Selections from The Cherubinic Wanderer

28. Alexandrines: translated from the "Cherubinischer Wandersmann"

29. The Interior Castle

30. Ordinary of the Mass

31. Unitarian Christianity

32. New England Primer

33. Evidence from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ

34. The Great Controversy

35. Notes on the Book of the Revelation

36. The Man of Sorrows

37. The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

38. The Baltimore (Catholic) Catechism

39. The Didache

40. Jesus An Essene

41. The Doctrine of the Last Things

42. The Seeming Unreality of the Spiritual Life

43. Jesus, the Last Great Initiate

44. Folk-lore of the Holy Land

45. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

46. The Gist of Swedenborg

47. The Political Aspects of S. Augustine's 'City of God'

48. Human Nature in the Bible

49. Pageant of the Popes

50. The Theological Declaration of Barmen

51. The (Episcopal) Book of Common Prayer

52. The Book of the Bee

53. The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage

54. The Kebra Nagast

55. Works of St. Anselm 

56. The Little Flowers of St. Francis

57. The Divine Comedy

58. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

59. The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

60. Hymns of the Eastern Church

61. The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

62. Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England 

63. The Works of Dionysius the Areopagite

64. The Confessions Of Saint Augustine

65. The Book of Revelation

66. The Trial of Christ

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September 6
Publish This, LLC
Publish This, LLC

Customer Reviews

Bigblakaf ,

Did not come with all sections listed

I was missing sections 50-65 of the collection. Which is sad because I bought it to read the Kebra Nagast

sdk123sdk ,

great books

excellent collection of cristian books, worth more than 0.99, thanks

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