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The first aspect of this guide is a resource that provides a basic understanding of mental health from both psychological and spiritual perspectives. It offers readers a deep understanding of the value of both perspectives and shows how they work together for the care of souls. Also included are guidelines to help the congregational community become a center for wellness. Christian Concepts for Care gives readers a unique understanding of the spiritual basis to mental health and to the development of mental and emotional disorders. 
The second aspect of this book is a detailed guide of mental and emotional disorders. It offers explanations on how one can work with such disorders in a healing community, on when referrals should be made to professionals, and on how pastors and congregations can work in positive ways to support members during and after treatment. This book equips pastors and congregations to become a part of the member’s wellness.
While Christian Concepts for Care offers descriptions of mental health issues and disorders, it is not of a textbook on various illnesses and clinical prognoses. Rather, it is a unique resource that shows the spiritual nature of these disorders. As a result, readers gain a new perspective that gives hope and a practical way to apply faith. 
Christian Concepts for Care engages pastors, parish nurses, and professional church workers who are called upon to offer care and counseling, as well as lay congregational leaders who support the “professional” staff of the congregation. It equips workers (and those preparing to work in these fields) with the tools they need not only to better understand mental and emotional disorders but also to offer effective spiritual care.

Religion & Spirituality
June 17
Concordia Publishing House
Concordia Publishing House

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