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Coach life purpose discovery with this practical, in-depth look at the tools and techniques of Christian life coaching. This sequel to the acclaimed book "Leadership Coaching" is filled with sample coaching dialogs, real-life examples, practical models, and over 60 formal destiny discovery exercises, all from a master coach trainer. By incorporating calling ("an external commission from God for others") into the heart of the life coaching process, Tony has crafted a biblical approach to destiny that encompasses all of life--including suffering and servanthood as well as passion and gifting---that moves destiny discovery from getting what I want in life toward creating a Kingdom legacy. 

Along the way, you'll learn tools for finding one's innate Design, unearthing Passions, identifying Life Messages, crafting convergent Roles, and much more. The companion volume, "A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook", provides all 60 discovery exercises in a handy action step format for your clients.

From the Author

This handbook is part of a three-volume set on life purpose discovery. Each has a unique purpose:

A Leader's Life Purpose Workbook is for those who want to discover their own life purpose. It includes a destiny model and 60 self-discovery exercises, giving you everything you need to fill any gaps in your self-understanding. You'll end up with a personal purpose statement and a clear idea of how to start moving toward your calling.

The Christian Life Coaching Handbook is a destiny discovery manual for the life coach. It takes the concepts and exercises in the workbook and uses sample dialogs, examples and coaching exercises to show you how to help others find their life purpose.

The Calling Journey is a life-mapping tool that offers an in-depth look at how God moves us toward our calling over time. There are different seasons and stages in life, and knowing what stage you are in gives you a huge leg up on how to engage God and make the most of that time. This book helps you construct a personal timeline of your journey and see how God has worked through it each step of the way.


I created this set for two key reasons. First, I wanted to provide a full set of destiny discovery exercises all in one place for the Christian coach. Second and most important, I felt that the Christian coaching movement had not adequately grounded many of our key practices in a biblical framework. I've worked to bring biblical concepts like calling ("an external commission from God for others"), how call is reveal and formed through suffering, and pursuing heaven instead of earthly rewards into the mainstream of what Christian coaches do.

How This Fits with My Other Coaching Books

Leadership Coaching is the book to start with to learn how to coach. It covers the basic coaching values and mindset, how to carry on a coaching conversation and basic concepts like goals and actions. The Christian Life Coaching Handbook builds on this foundation, with a set of coaching tools specific to life purpose discovery. And while you coach others using techniques from the Handbook, the companion Leader's Life Purpose Workbook puts the destiny exercises right in the coachee's hands. Coaching Questions is a reference guide to a plethora of coaching techniques (for experienced coaches), and a great aid to questions for those who are just learning. With over 1400 example questions arranged around the coaching tools they are used with, this book can help you coach like a pro from the start.

I also have a variety of companion CDs and training products in my bookstore at Coach22.com. Coaching is an art, and one of the best ways to learn is to listen to an experienced coach at work. If you want to grow as a coach, listen in on a set like Coaching Transitions to catch the flow of a real coaching conversation.

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August 11
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Customer Reviews

Wendelo ,

Great Resource!

This book is chock full of useful tools to help those new to Christian life coaching or for those looking to add to their "tool belts" in order to help others discover their calling and life purpose. He includes real-life stories and sample dialogs that are very helpful, as well as questions to use, examples and outlines of strategies for coaching toward destiny discovery, and excellent coaching tips. This is an excellent resourse for anyone in the Christian coaching field. I highly recommend it!

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