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“Ibadi Islam in Oman, confident in its nuanced and deep identity, has for many years offered hospitality to Christians that is both clear-eyed and generous. The opportunity for warm encounter and respectful dialogue is probably the finest in the region. Reverend Canon Andrew David Thompson here explores and celebrates this rich inheritance."
Right Reverend Michael Lewis, Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf

“Andrew David Thompson makes an important contribution to the better understanding of its unique Ibadi Muslim tradition and how other religious communities are integrated into the fabric of Omani society. The reader will discover the rich diversity of Oman with its friendly people, and wish to learn more.”
Bishop Paul Hinder, Apostolic Vicar of Southern Arabia

“The Sultanate of Oman has a long history in promoting religious freedom, yet there has not yet been a proper study on the role and history of churches in the country. Neither have there been any studies on the relationship between Islam and Christianity in the Sultanate. Andrew David Thompson explores the history and presence fascinating questions. Highly recommended for anyone interested in interfaith relations in the Gulf.”
Reverend Aaro Rytkonen, Executive Director, Al Amana Centre

This book explores the relationship between the distinctive Islamic beliefs (Ibadism) of Oman and how they define the experience of the church with regards to religious freedom.  Oman is a nation with a long and glorious history of maritime trade, stretching from China and India to the East coast of Africa. From sultan to shopkeeper, farmer to craftsman, the citizens of Oman embrace a surprising diversity of cultural heritage ranging from Baluchi, Persian, Yemeni, and East African. Yet, there has hitherto been very little research about Christianity in this part of the world. Through the use of historical research, interviews and theological discourse, Andrew David Thompson analyzes and reveals the distinctive experience of the Church in Oman.

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October 31
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