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A Dallas Debutante/Reunited Lovers/Christmas Story

My name is Opal Mae McCool. I love my parents, but that name? Ugh, but I’ve adjusted. This year has been rocking along until October when my entire life lands in the toilet and someone flushes. First, my groom dumps me at the altar. Confession…not as destroyed as I should have been. Then, I share a steamy kiss with old love which leads to…nothing. Radio silence. Fine. Disappointed, but moving on. However, it’s almost Christmas and I make a quick overnight business trip to Montana just in time for the snowmageddon and I’m stuck in Bozeman with only clean panties and a toothbrush. Next year has to be better, right? 

I’m Michael Rockland. Born, raised and will die in Texas and I’m fine with that. I’m a mechanic at heart, even if my everyday job doesn’t allow me under the hood. About a month ago, I discovered I’m the Friday Lunch Special at a local diner. I’d be pissed if it wasn’t for a good cause and it hadn’t led me back to the love of my life. One hot, steamy kiss, a promise for the future, and she shuts me out. Harsh, but I’m a big boy. I can deal with reality, except when she ends up on my grandparents’ doorstep in Montana.

My dad doesn’t approve of him. His mother doesn’t approve of me. It’s not quite the Capulets and Montagues, and we are long past the teenage years, so isn’t it time to let us decide if we belong together or not?

July 8
Riante, Inc.
Riante, Inc

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Stanhop3234 ,


Michael Rockland and Opal “Mae” McCool spent their senior year in love, had a beautiful summer and then Mae went to college. Michael visited Mae several times feeling he was not in her league he broke off their relationship. Breaking both their heart.
Ten years later the Friday lunch special brings back all those old feelings back and sets them on the path of acceptance , forgiveness and a love that never truly died.
This was a cute book worth the read but not one of my favorites.

Mblteach ,

Needs to trust

Christmas in his Arms
Cynthia D’Alba

Being left at the alter is an emotional event that can change your life. Mae has to figure out a way to overcome it. Running into her first love, Michael, might be the answer. Though will she be able to trust men again?
A sweet romance with misunderstandings that keeps you reading because you want to make sure their is a happy ending.

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