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Running the family B&B has always been Cassidy Ryan's dream. But first, she has to save it from neglect.

Closing the doors to the Silver Bell Inn for the holiday seasons seems like the perfect plan to give the B&B some much needed love and care. Or at least it would be if the inn didn't need a lot more work than Cassidy can handle on her own. She needs help. But asking it is the last thing she wants to do.

Getting stuck in Silver Bell Falls was not part of Beckham Allen's plans. Neither was this cross-country road trip, for that matter. He was supposed to be focusing on himself and on healing after the loss of his father. But nothing, not even his rescue dog Mazie, seems to be able to break him out of his funk.

Or so he thought until he met the sweet innkeeper who takes him in.

After an awkward start, Cassidy and Beckham discover the perks of being snowed in together. And with Christmas drawing closer, they find they may have just been given the greatest gift of all.

November 5
Samantha Chase
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sferguson105 ,

A must read!!

This story was sooo good!!! It had everything I need in a Christmas story. Sexy hero. Strong heroine. An amazing dog. And a community willing to step up and help when needed. I enjoyed seeing the interactions between not just Beck and Cassidy, but also how small town life seemed to surprise Beck what a difference it was from big city living. And seeing Cassidy overcome a phobia was saw awesome (we all have that one that’s really hard to face).

A great read that I would HIGHLY recommend!!

Dangrdonna ,

All the feels

Snowed in with a hunk? Yes, please. Cassidy finds herself in this situation with Beckham who is stranded in their town of Silver Bell Falls. I adored Cassidy. She is as independent as they come since she has taken over her parents bed and breakfast that is in dire need of renovations that she plans to do mostly herself. The town wants to help but doesnt know how to without offending Cassidy. Her pride might be the thing that prevents her from finishing all she needs done. Beckham is a lost soul. After losing his father, he retires from his NFL career and does the thing his father never had time for. Visiting all the places he had read about. A snowstorm gets in his way and he stays at the B&B. He's the only guest since Cassidy is closed for renovations and he can't not help her. Their attraction is immediate but Cassidy has a rule about guests. They are off limits. This pair is the most stubborn of the couples that have been in the previous books. Not that you need to read them to enjoy this. They have this push and pull all through the book and I wanted to sit them both down and have a stern talk with them. That to me is a fantastic sign of a great book.

Jbean168 ,

Happy Holidays!!

This story made my heart sigh and very, very happy. This was such a sweet and beautiful story of two lonely people who weren’t looking for love but the fates decided differently. I believe in holiday magic and this story is exactly the inspiration of that belief. Beckham is a sexy ex pro football player whose missing his dad and is on a journey to memorialize him when by accident he meets Cassidy. She is a strong, independent and very sweet woman who is trying to live her dream. These two together are so perfect for each other and I’m so happy they figured it out. If your looking to escape the holiday dramas then this story will do that for you. I couldn’t put it down.

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