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 <p>When the Civil War ended, Rose Buchanan listened to her mother's urging to leave their now desolate town for a new start. All she can do is trust God with her decision to join a man she didn't know in holy matrimony starting a new life out west far removed from the ravages of war.&nbsp; Mr. O'Malley wasn't much to look at, and his social skills seemed a bit lacking, but she'd seen glimpses of kindness and that was something she could work with. The trek to Nebraska was hard yet rewarding, but Rose could not foresee the coming turn of events that would shape her life forever. Rose is helpless and knows only God can see her through, but will she be able to endure?&nbsp;
</p><p>If people out west knew Royce's true heritage and family name they'd likely turn against him and consider him an enemy or worse, a traitor. A lonely job for a purposely lonely man, he thought the Deputy Marshal job would be perfect for him. But providence leads him to the right place at the right time, and for the first time Royce questions his resolve. Bound by duty not to fail, Royce is willing to risk all, but will it be enough or is he too late?</p><p>For Rose, help comes unexpectedly out of nowhere, and her reaction to her rescuer and his nearness sends tremors throughout her body.&nbsp; Two lives on separate paths take a drastic turn uniting them unexpectedly. Will they recognize the missing piece standing before them, can they overcome, will they survive?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Read all the books in the Christmas Brides Bouquet series:</p><p>Book 1 - Christmas Rose
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Fiction & Literature
November 3
Big Sage Press
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