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Bundled together for the first time! 7 great books in one, now with bonus material!

I thought I had love and life figured out. Then my boyfriend of seven years dumped me right before our college graduation and my seemingly perfect parents announced they were getting divorced after 30 years of marriage. Whoops.

Everything I thought I knew about love was erased in a matter of days and my first amazing summer as an official adult was officially... different. But I have my friends, I have a great new job as an assistant editor, and New York City is prime for the taking.

I've mostly recovered and feel ready to dip my toe in the dating pool, but I'm starting to think it's been polluted. It's a new world of dating filled with apps, emoticons, and acronyms. Swipe this, tag that… 

WTF does DTF even mean??

I’m off to a rocky start, starting with a guy we’ve nicknamed Mr. Chompy who does less kissing and more biting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much better from there…

When I start a blog to get all these bad dates out of my system, Chronicles of a Serial Dater, I begin to realize I'm not the only one out there suffering. Good to know, but Mr. Right would be much more comforting. If only I could find him.


From the authors: 

•The dates Talia goes on are real. These are dates and experiences readers just like you have shared with us, as unbelievable as that might seem. 

•Even the text conversations are real! 

•PLUS! Every “episode” includes bonus material posted on Talia’s blog, “Chronicles of a Serial Dater”

When it comes to the crazy world of dating in the digital age, reality is far stranger than any fiction.

January 1
Adele Huxley
Erin Osborne

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