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Chronicles of Cleopatra Hill includes the two “back in time” novellas from the Witches of Cleopatra Hill series, Bad Blood and The Arrangement. Although they’re set in the past and therefore can stand mostly on their own, it’s recommended that you read them after Spellbound, Book 6 in the series. 


The star-crossed love that started it all…

Hannah McAllister’s future is laid out before her, as clear as her journey from Scotland to Arizona, where she will exchange vows with her dull-as-dishwater betrothed, Boyd. But for a precious few hours, she is free to explore the wonders of New York City, where she encounters a handsome, compelling warlock, Nathan Wilcox. 

Nathan didn’t run into Hannah by accident. His brother and head of the clan, Jeremiah, sent him to learn more about the newest witch family to make an appearance in New York. He feels an instant, soul-deep connection to Hannah, but he, too, is betrothed to another based on clan loyalty, not love.

A walk in Central Park, a kiss, and the die is cast for love, betrayal, and a spell that will reverberate for generations to come…

Warning: Contains a star-crossed relationship that doesn’t end in a HEA, but sparks a chain reaction of love that echoes down the generations. 


Sometimes a curse becomes a blessing in disguise….

Jeremiah Wilcox's wife died cursing him and all the sons of his line. Struggling with his solitary existence, Jeremiah has spent the days since her death ensuring his family prospers…even while wishing for what he knows he'll never have. 

When the enchanting, widowed Lorena Simms arrives in Flagstaff, Jeremiah finds he may have to reexamine everything he believes about the curse — and his own heart. But first he must convince Lorena that he will love her for who she truly is.  Can either of these cursed souls have a chance at true happiness?

January 29
Dark Valentine Press
Joy Sillesen

Customer Reviews

IAGram ,

Oh, my!

I love just about everything about the Witches of Cleopatra Hill by Christine Pope and Chronicles was no exception. These two historical stories set the stage for so much of what happens in the present day!
Note: this review contains spoilers!
In Bad Blood Hannah McAllister is a sweet young woman newly arrived in America with her future planned for her. Nathan Wilcox has his future planned, too. Part of that future is being an errand boy for his brother Jeremiah and spying on Hannah. Here’s the thing about these witches and warlocks, when they find their soulmate, they know as soon as they kiss. I’m talking fireworks, everyone else disappears, they want sex NOW, flashing lights. They KNOW. So when Hannah and Nathan start to feel the fire and end up kissing, there is no doubt they are supposed to be together. I’m going to stop right there. Suffice it to say that Jeremiah, head of the Wilcox clan, is one mean, powerful dude. And when he makes up his mind, nobody is going to change it. And Joseph, acting head of the McAllister clan, doesn’t have much of a spine.
But the store is so well written so can feel Hannah’s awe of America and Nathan’s wealth. And the beauty of their love. I cried.
In The Arrangement, Jeremiah and his clan have moved to Flagstaff and the year is 1885. Jeremiah has buried 4 wives because of a curse and has decided he has to live the rest of his life alone. Then Lorena Simms comes to town and things change. She likes him, he likes her, he has been lonely. But she is an heiress and he is an upstanding member of the community. He won’t marry her because of the curse, but she can’t have children so the curse shouldn’t matter. But he can’t leave the clan and Flagstaff and she belongs in New York and San Francisco so twice a year she stops in Flagstaff to visit friends and spends time with Jeremiah instead. And he uses witchcraft to hide what they do. I feel sorry for Lorena and even a little for Jeremiah even though I dislike him. Their love is sweet and heartbreaking because they spend so little time together.
The story is well written and again the characters are developed enough for the reader to understand their actions. That’s why I can feel sorry for Jeremiah.
It is suggested that you read these after you read book 6 in the series, but I didn’t do that. I would suggest you read the first 3 just so you understand the witches and warlocks better.
I hope you enjoy the series and Christine Pope as much as I do!

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