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Sydney Johnson is a nerd and proud—always doing the right thing and following the rules. But routine fails her one evening as she finds herself the random target of a kidnapping and assault by a group of boys. As a result of being blindfolded, she never sees her attackers or the location of the crime, so she decides to keep the incident to herself. She later drowns herself in college academic tasks, her only companion her childhood best friend—until she meets Nicholas Dhalton.
Devil-may-care Nicholas doesn’t know much about consequences. A rich heir, he finds little reason to acquaint himself with responsibility. But everything changes when Sydney Johnson enters his life.
Once their paths cross, and against their better judgments, Nicholas and Sydney embark upon an unconventional relationship at the risk of all that is familiar and stable. As their relationship grows, and they reveal their deepest secrets, they eventually realize they have a damning past. With race and class trying to separate them, can their love survive yet another obstacle?
* * *
'Chrysalis' is about people and forgiveness, and the monsters and angels within us all. It is the second book in the Dangerous Secrets series—unrelated new adult interracial love stories where one or more of the main characters has a secret so big, it threatens to derail—or even destroy—their most important relationships, personal character, or their entire lives.
The secrets are ‘dirty.’ Scandalous. Taboo. Secrets anyone would be wise to remain tightlipped on. But in these tales, that horrible secret gets out. Let the fallout begin.

Fiction & Literature
September 18
Poison Arrow Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Penn2 ,

Loved it til the last page then very disappointed

I was hooked and loved the tormented souls and story in general. It had quite the twist and so did not see it coming but was like whattttt????? How does he come back from that??? How can they heal after that???? Twisted but I was rooting for them. Don't agree with what the brother did, would love to know what happened with Maria & Ed.....the book just took me on a journey then left me stranded at the end. Hello I need a better ending, it was the author gave up at the end and just was like whatever....you go from the hospital to them walking on campus....I would've loved to know how they got to that point...what I'm saying is I'm gonna need a part2.

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