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The drama continues to unfold. Leroy Paxton, pastor of Mount Moriah Baptist Church, thought he had found a way to get rid of Shaniece once and for all, but had underestimated the power she uses through blackmail. With new secrets surfacing about his past, Leroy sadly discovers that Shaniece isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. She is determined to bury everything that he cherishes, including his marriage of twenty-six years.

Dominic Housten, chief organ player at Mount Moriah and protégé of Youth Leader, Abraham Winder, is faced with a mindbending decision. On the heels of Dominic accidentally stumbling into Abraham's home, finding a prostitute pacing Abraham's floors, Dominic wonders if it is time to hand in his resignation letter to Leroy and accept the position as bishop over his stepfather's church.

Could the love that Dominic has for Leroy's daughter, Tayah be enough to make him stay at Mount Moriah? If Tayah's husband Phillip has anything to do with it, he would see to it that Dominic never saw Tayah again. In the sequel, When Things Go Wrong, the struggle to survive the battles of life is evident, but when the dust settles, who will be left standing to put the pieces back together?

Fiction & Literature
January 15
H.H. Fowler
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Otherbabie ,

Church Boyz

Was a good read but to much going on in the story that it took away from the main Character...Book 1 should've focus more on Pastor Leroy and First lady along with Shaniece and Millie. And just menion what was going on with Taya and Philip these two should've been the main Characters in the spin off of book 2 along with Dominic and Abraham even though Abraham was a key person in both stories you had him where he needed to be in both stories...

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