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Is my ordinary, everyday life actually significant? Is it okay to be fulfilled by the simple acts of raising kids, working in an office, and cooking chicken for dinner?

It’s been said, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.” The pressure of that can be staggering as we spend our days looking for that big thing that promises to take our breath away. Meanwhile, we lose sight of the small significance of fully living with every breath we take.

Melanie Shankle, New York Times bestselling author and writer at The Big Mama Blog tackles these questions head on in her fourth book, Church of the Small Things. Easygoing and relatable, she speaks directly to the heart of women of all ages who are longing to find significance and meaning in the normal, sometimes mundane world of driving carpool to soccer practice, attending class on their college campus, cooking meals for their family, or taking care of a sick loved one.

The million little pieces that make a life aren’t necessarily glamorous or far-reaching. But God uses some of the smallest, most ordinary acts of faithfulness—and sometimes they look a whole lot like packing lunch. 

Through humorous stories told in her signature style, full of Frito pie, best friends, the love of her Me-Ma and Pa-Pa, the unexpected grace that comes when we quit trying to measure up, and a little of the best TV has to offer, Melanie helps women embrace what it means to live a simple, yet incredibly meaningful life and how to find all the beauty and laughter that lies right beneath the surface of every moment.

Religion & Spirituality
October 3

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LGHudson ,


Melanie Shankle's CHURCH OF THE SMALL THINGS: The Million Little Pieces That Make Up a Life is highly entertaining. It is also filled with many thought provoking statements that make you stop and reread them and just think on them for a few moments before you move on to her next anecdote. Shankle has lived a rich, full life. Please understand I don't mean her life has been full ease and without problems. In the midst of everyday normalcy, she has learned to live a life full of love of family, deep, lasting friendships, fabulous fun times with family and friends, how to share her life globally and to be comfortable in her growing relationship with the Lord. Shankle never shies away from her personal struggles and allows you to laugh with her as she goes through life. This book is wonderfully encouraging in its message to avoid making the mistake of missing out on the wonder and miracles of the small things right before our eyes in our quest for the biggest and brightest things that loom just out of our grasp. I think this quote best describes Shankle's message: "We are in God’s will when we wake up with a willingness to go wherever he leads that day, to seek him in the ordinary, and to love and influence the people around us." I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley & Zondervan. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. I preordered a copy of this book for my own personal library.

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