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Leaders, church revitalization starts with you!

The world desperately needs the ministry of a thriving church—but all too often the local church is stagnant and ineffective. An ailing church needs vibrant, healthy leadership! But what’s the solution when leaders feel fatigued from their work, discouraged by church conflicts, and ill equipped for the demands of shepherding?

Church planter and professional interim pastor Robert D. Stuart challenges pastors and elders to take a frank look at the most common illness behind a stagnant church: weak or ineffective leadership. In this diagnostic manual, he lists some telltale symptoms of a poorly led church, such as fear of change, personal “sacred cows,” and superficial uniformity instead of true unity.

The great news is that when leaders take steps to improve, the health of the church improves too! Stuart provides practical suggestions and examples from his own experiences to point overwhelmed leaders toward the one remedy that works: emulating the leadership of the church’s true head, Jesus.

“As someone who has led a company, pastored a church, and trained future pastors, I have read a number of books on leadership. Not one of those books, however, has been as practical and as full of real-life examples as Bob Stuart’s.”

—Michael W. Honeycutt, Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church

“Bob Stuart . . . diagnoses the sickness in the church, exposes the practice of poor church leadership, and prescribes the cure. Leaders, pastors, and church planters are encouraged to read this book, which will help them become the leaders they were called to be.”

—David V. Edling, Author, Redeeming Church Conflicts

Robert D. Stuart is pastor of shepherding and leadership at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also the president of Proclamation Ministries, Inc., which helps churches to rejuvenate ministries and revitalize leadership. Bob has served as professor of pastoral counseling at New Geneva Seminary in Colorado Springs and is a veteran of the US Marine Corp, seeing combat action.

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February 5
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