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Isabelle Mackenzie always imagined herself married with kids. Instead, at 30, she’s chronically single and lives alone in a cramped condo on Chicago’s north side. Sure she’s got her beloved bookstore and her two best friends, Cameron and Oliver, but even they can’t make up for the fact that her life hasn’t turned out anything like she expected. The weighing disappointment has her questioning everything she once felt certain of, including her faith in God.


So when Olly and Cam secretly volunteer her for a nationally televised makeover, Mack decides to use the opportunity to reinvent herself. What follows is an unlikely romance with famous actor Cooper Young, a cross-continental adventure, and the long-awaited chance to make all of her dreams come true.


Will Mack be able to keep her faith amidst the glitz and glamour of Cooper’s lifestyle or will she lose herself and abandon everything and everyone she cares about in the process?


Ciao, Bella is the story of one woman’s unexpected revelations about faith, love, and true happiness. It’s a novel for all who have ever been granted the desires of their hearts only to discover that what they thought they wanted could never compare to what they already had.

Fiction & Literature
June 1
Destiny Image
Destiny Image Publishers

Customer Reviews

CJF8403 ,

Thought provoking

The description alone had me intrigued...as I am in a similar position. I was hooked from the very beginning and found this book to be quite similar to my life happenings with a sidekick like Cameron.
What happens to Mack seems a little far fetched and I lost that connection I had building, but continued on...hoping I would regain that "pull" that made this a very flowing read. Slowly, that happened and I found myself actually surprised towards the end and anxiously awaiting it.
The religious side of this read was very refreshing and thought provoking about my own life (as well as the details and descriptions of Mack and her person). A very enjoyable read, and one that was done in several hours (if I didn't have distractions...aka work...could have been sooner). I would recommend this read and use it as a reflection tool.

Cool Cassi 2012 ,

Great book!

I really enjoyed this book! I would highly recommend it! A great read!

Shaantio ,

Great Plot

Excellent summer read ~ very good plot twists. Even though I was happily married at 30, the idea of 'growing weary while doing good' hit home. I'll read more by this author!

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