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Are you looking for a Diverse Book? A new "spin" on a classic?

The classic story of Cinderella has been modernized and urbanized in this beautifully illustrated edition, written with delightful humor and a surprising twist -- this is a Cinderella who powerfully chooses her destiny!

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Awards include: Digital Book Award Finalist, Mom's Choice Award, Digital Book World Quality, Excellence and Design, Ben Franklin, Moonbeam

Cinderella Spinderella uses ebook technology to allow readers to pick your season and choose what Cinderella and the Prince look like. Is she Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or from the Indian subcontinent?

And next time you begin, you can make a new choice.
The ebook Cinderella Spinderella, connects with any reader, offering 25 different combinations with more than 300 illustrations, so that every youngster can see herself or himself reflected in the story.

Mark Binder’s Cinderella Spinderella began its life as a spoken-word story told to very different audiences— groups of inner city youngsters and their parents and campers with severe physical disabilities.

“This book is an educator’s dream and is sure to delight any reader.… its 25 possible story versions was pure genius that speaks to readers of any background.”

—Good E Reader

“Cinderella Spinderella is a marvelously told, beautifully illustrated book”

—A.V. Club News

★★★★ The evil stepsisters are super hateful and are easy to dislike… This more modern version of Cinderella is sure to make this story seem fresh for a new generation of readers.  The fact you can choose how your Cinderella looks is a fun extra. It doesn’t change how the story goes, but it can add to the enjoyment of the story. I wish there were more stories out there that gave this option to children.

—Amanda Price, My Tangled Skeins

Please note: This is an ebook, not an app or a game, so the story remains the same while the Cinderellas and Princes vary. You will enjoy rereading the story, but don't expect to find lots of changes—except the seasons!

Young Adult
September 1
Light Publications
Mark S Binder
Grades K-3

Customer Reviews

Mark Binder ,

This is a great story

Yes, you can pick your prince and your Cinderella.
The illustrations are great, and the story rocks!

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