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A servant girl named Cinderella attends a royal ball with help from her fairy godmother.

July 31
Disney Publishing Worldwide
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Hope7804 ,

Love story's

Once upon a time a little girl named Cinderella had a box of gold and her father was looking for a wife and then a week later her dad had found a girl she was nice and she had two daughters named Lilly and Kim then one day her dad married the nice woman named Kimberly and then a year later her father died and then Kimberly was in charged and Cinderella was the made and Cinderella was doing all the chores and the stepmother and stepsister were doing nothing so and then a few days later the mail came and Cinderella and the stepsister and the stepmother were invited to a royal ball but the stepsister said to Cinderella you have to do all your chores before you go to the ball and then the stepmother came over and said no that is so silly Cinderella cannot go to the ball then Cinderella went up stairs and looked for a dress for the ball when she was done and came downstairs the sister saw and Lilly said that is my neck less and grabbed the neck less from her neck and then Kim said that is my lipstick and wiped it off her lips and riped Cinderella dress but then her stepmother and stepsister left and went to the ball and then Cinderella ran to the garden and some one came to her and said bonobo and Cinderella had a parity dress and the fairy godmother said you have to be home by midnight so then Cinderella went to the ball and when she got in the palace and dance with the prince and then the clock struck midnight and Cinderella rushed out of the palace and went home the next day the prince father came to Cinderella home and was seeing if the glass slipper did not fit the stepsister foot so Cinderella came down the stairs and tried to put on the slipper and it fit the prince father brought Cinderella to the palace and the prince and Cinderella got married and lived happily ever after.

Mrjakelong ,

I love this book

This is a great book

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