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The purpose of CIO Master - Unleash the Digital Potential of IT is to provide guidelines for building a framework to run a highly effective, highly innovative and highly mature digital IT organization. Also, it provides the principles to reinvent CIO leadership via practicing multitudes of digital influence.

-Rebrand digital CIOs with multiple personas
-Reinvent IT to unleash its full digital potential
-Reenergize changes as an ongoing digital capability
-Refine talent management to bridge IT skills gap
-Remaster multidimensional IT to create multi-level business value
-Renovate strategy execution continuum to improve effectiveness
-Reimagine IT as an innovation engine to catalyze business growth
-Reshape IT via leveraging “3P”s: Principle, Portfolio, Performance
-Retool IT agility to adapt to changes

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March 31
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Customer Reviews

Theback9 ,

CIO Master is a must read for every CIO!

I was very interested to read “CIO Master” because as a person involved in the financial world I have come to realize the importance of a Chief Information Officer. This book details the twelve Digital CIO personas which I found very enlightening and this is something that every CIO needs to learn. The CIO in today’s workplace should be a digital visionary. When Pearl Zhu states that “CIOs must go digital, like a pro, to run IT as an innovation engine” never were truer words written. A CIO needs to be a digital strategist because CIOs are now positioned closer to the top of the pyramid with regard to business strategy. I also appreciated the time the author takes in detailing the importance of digital transformation. Digital transformation represents the next stage of business maturity and every CIO must embrace the fact that digital is the age of explosive information, hyper connectivity and fierce competition. This book is very enlightening regarding the importance of the CIO as a change agent. CIOs need to be change agents in leading the digital journey of a business and are accountable for a critical part of the business that is constantly changing & evolving. One of more important roles of a CIO which I never gave much thought about was the role of being a talent master. CIOs need to be able to find the right people through what they think and how they act. The right mindset is the utmost quality for being a right fit. I learned so much from this book. CIO master is a wealth of IT knowledge and a must read for every CIO! I highly recommend this incredible book.

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