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New York Times bestselling author Robin Hobb returns to world of the Rain Wilds—called “one of the most gripping settings in modern fantasy” (Booklist)—in City of Dragons. Continuing the enthralling journey she began in her acclaimed Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven, Hobb rejoins a small group of weak, half-formed and unwanted dragons and their displaced human companions as they search for a legendary sanctuary. Now, as the misfit band approaches its final destination, dragons and keepers alike face a challenge so insurmountable that it threatens to render their long, difficult odyssey utterly meaningless. Touching, powerful, and dazzlingly inventive, Hobb’s City of Dragons is not to be missed—further proof that this author belongs alongside Raymond E. Feist, Terry Brooks, and Lois McMaster Bujold in the pantheon of fantasy fiction’s true greats.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 7
Harper Voyager

Customer Reviews

Owytrouble ,

Why so short?

The book is excellent, continuing the story from the previous books. But, I don't understand why it is only 1/3 as long and instead of stopping at an "end" it seems to stop right in the middle of everything!

comtnhome ,


I've read the reviews and I don't want to spend $15 on a book that is so short and ends so abruptly. If it had been just one review I'd I'd go ahead but most of them say this. I think I'll wait. Come on Robin let's get a full book out.

Daveed V. ,

Robin Hobb's is still conjuring up an intriguing world

I was originally hooked to Robin Hobb's "Assassin's …" (officially: "The Farseer Trilogy") series through a free Kindle book offer and have been hooked ever since. I'm very glad this is now also available on the iBookstore. Most of her series share a world, and every volume trickles just a little information about the mysterious Elderlings that disappeared leaving only ruins and odd phenomena. Each series stands on its own, although I suspect it's best to read them in the order they were written -- Farseer Trilogy ("Assassins"), Liveship Traders Trilogy, Tawny Man Trilogy ("Fool"), and Dragon Keepers series -- although switching the order of the second and third also works well. (I haven't read the "Soldier Son" trilogy yet, but my understanding is that it's not set in the same world.)

This volume is the third in the Dragon Keepers series, but that series is not a trilogy: A fourth and final novel — "Blood of Dragons" — is coming in 2013.

Strong features of all of these books are the original ideas (there are lots of Dragon books out there, but I haven't read any that weave things like Hobb does) and wonderful character development. The pace is generally good, with occasionaly a slow moment (but not to the point of being objectionable). As always, the language is fluid and mostly gets out of the way of the story; the result is a page turner.

(Robin Hobb is a pseudonym. She also writes under another pseudonym: Megan Lyndholm.)

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