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A multi-generational clash continues between two oppositional cultures within the African-American community. This uninterrupted animosity stems from the subculture’s self-defeating, anti-society, values conflicting with the forward-thinking, pro-society values of BLACKS. As evidenced by the unparalleled amounts of homicides, violence, and mayhem occurring in the African-American community, this battle is essentially an Un-Civil War.

Over generations, many people (from all races) have sacrificed their time, careers, money, and even lives, so that African-Americans could have equal footing in this mosaic of a country called America. However, as evidenced by their entitlement mentality, the subculture within the African-American community chooses to selfishly reap the benefits obtained from the Civil Rights struggle, while ignoring the associated responsibilities that accompany those rights.

In summary, the dysfunctional subculture is determined to commandeer the African-American image and re-shape it into their counterproductive image and likeness. Moreover, their lack of positive achievement is devaluing historic BLACK achievements. Therefore, as BLACKS, exposing and isolating this defectively mutated segment from the African-American community must become our highest priority. Failure to proactively act has exacerbated our dire predicament and continued stagnation only furthers their destructive agenda. Today is the tomorrow that we should have prepared for yesterday.

Politics & Current Events
March 2
Taleeb Starkes
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Customer Reviews

StEvE CaR ,

Taleeb tells it like it is

Heard Taleeb on the Anthony Cumia show, I was very impressed, he hit the nail on the head. If the black community would use this book as a guide its problems would decrease dramatically. The time has come to help yourselves, quit depending on the government and guilty white liberal morons.

La Finger ,

THE TRUTH (No Sugarcoating)

WOW. This is a guy that does not BS or mince words. He tells it like it is and I promise some people won't like it. If you are a dainty PC type, this book is not for you because it is the truth, concentrated. If you are a straight shooter and can handle the truth, read this book. I heard Taleeb on the Adam Carolla Show and bought his book the same day. I normally listen to my books but I made an exception for this gem. I was also shocked at the great price of the book. I would have paid more but glad I got a deal. Nice job Taleeb. JF

Coasti29 ,

So good I purchased a hard copy.

Excellent book! It's refreshing to finally hear someone speak the truth about what's going on out there. This should be required reading for all. If more people were honest about this subject and hold others accountable there would be no more of these bs problems! Taleeb for President!

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