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Our love has become poison and it's killing us slowly. 


I hate how I can't control myself around him. I hate how I always forgive him. I hate that he consumes me. Because Alexander is in my blood. His heart beats in my chest.

He owns me.


But I can't see past his betrayal and his lies. Not this time. I don't know if our love can survive this, because I'm not the girl that fell in love with him anymore. I'm a queen and everyone, even him, will bow to me.


Every family has its secrets. The Royals more than most. The next seductive chapter in the Royal World is hotter, darker, and wilder than ever. You think you know this story? Think again.

March 26
Ivy Estate
Geneva Lee, LLC

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

4.5 Stars!

In the first book, Cross Me, it became clear Alexander and Cara are still learning how to navigate a new marriage while being constrained by the throne, and all the people working against them. The last thing they needed was keeping secrets from each other. This was something Alexander needed to learn the hard way and Claim Me showed he finally saw that. Unfortunately Clara still needs to learn this lesson.

I'm frustrated that Clara is still keeping a secret no matter what her reasons are. These two are finally getting solid and that secret threatens it after how much she made his secret keeping a big deal. Despite that, their story is completely consuming me. I absolutely love how much these two love each other. Alexander would literally die for her.

There is dissension between the Monarchy and the Parliament and it seems to be escalating. It's been escalating since before Claim Me and I can't wait to see what Alexander will do to protect his family. This ends on an even bigger cliffhanger. I need to know what happens next!!!

AddiandOlliesmon ,

Great Story!

Geneva did it again!! Such a great book with an amazing storyline by a great author. Can’t wait for the next one.

RoyalLove92 ,

Could Not Put Down

Geneva Lee keeps us on our toes as the story continues for Alexander and Clara! Every time you receive one morsel, a new one is dangled right in front of you, just enough out of reach, that you cannot put the book down! My favorite character still holds true for Clara, and her ability to stand her ground, and become the Queen that X has always seen in her!

So if you love Royals, family drama, and a palace full of skeletons, sex, and love, the follow X and Clara as they maneuver through this crazy thing we call life!

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