Book 1 - Violent Delights


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Damon Pierce has a dangerous reputation at Violent Delights.
As for the submissive women he plays with? They get one night only.
Any more would put them at risk.

He has no interest in emotional entanglements.
Especially not with Sophia Morelli.
She's too brazen. Too beautiful.
And the sister of one of his closest friends.

Still, he finds himself drawn to her beckoning sensuality, her mouthy attitude, and the compelling innocence he discovers under her bold facade. Despite how much he may wish for it, nothing can change the past...or the very real danger he poses to her right now.

CLAIM is book one in a new series from USA Today bestselling author Sienna Snow. New readers can definitely start right here with book one of the Violent Delights trilogy!

May 23
Dangerous Press LLC
Dangerous Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Crystal 💜📚 ,

Page turner

Addicting! Once I started this one, I couldn’t put it down. Wasn’t expecting the ending 🤯 and I need more right now!! Sienna Snow had a true talent for writing strong females and stories that absolutely pull you in. This was no different! Can’t wait for more!!

Slm147 ,

Another Morelli Rabbit Hole

Kindle Unlimited: No
Stand-alone: No- Duet
Author: Sienna Snow
Rating: 5/5 ⭐️
Spiciness Rating: 3/5 🌶
POV: First Person Dual Perspective
Main Couple: Damon and Sophia
Trope(s): Forced Proximity, Age-Gap, Dark Romance

“The longing, the need between us, so thick, so visceral. Until I met this man, I’d never felt this type of draw to anyone. I wanted to soothe him, heal him, please him ,and give him comfort. It was as if something deep in me craved this with every fiber of my being.”

Sienna has joined the A-List of Authors writing in the Morelli world. This gritty, dark world is filled with all the morally gray people. And, it is one place I love to visit time and time again. I will be honest and state I did not know going in this was going to be a duet. Not that I am angry because I was wanting so much more of Damon and Sophia. I need more of their established Dom/Sub dynamic. And, I am so excited to get it from Sienna. This type of story is just up her alley.

Sophia Morelli takes her role as the wild child of her family very seriously. Once upon a time she still had some innocence, but the world she exists in stole that.

Now years later, she hardened herself, built her walls, and let the gossip run free. But, she is searching for herself and the first step is to come out of the shadows at Violent Delights and move from voyeur to participant.

In a hedonistic club surrounded by like minded people all she had to do was just ask.

When Damon, one of the club's most notorious Dom’s, lays eyes on the dark haired goddess the craving begins.

In the privacy of the club he introduces her to his world. The one she claims not to be a part of.

One night of absolute freedom lights Sophia’s soul on fire.

But, Damon’s fear of his past repeating itself, plus his “friendship” with Sophia’s brother has him being the one to hold back.

Sophia wants to enjoy and live in the right now because she refuses to be her mother. Damon has no love to give so that fits his plans just fine.

Until doing the right thing begins to haunt him in the form of Sophia everywhere he looks.

And, just as they both come to terms with their relationship, Sophia’s past comes knocking on the door.

katslovesbooks ,

Amazingly good!

Another amazing addition to the Midnight Dynasty World, this was and intriguing, super stemy romance that left my kindle on fire!!!

Sophia Morelli's character is very complex because while showing the world she is a wild child she has many secrets that she has being keeping. With her family's name she has many duties she needs to fulfil but inside she is yearning to explore her dark side and for once just let loose. As a super model she always has people following her around so when she scapes to her bother's sex club Violent Delights she just wants to fell something for once and explore the unknown but when she catches the eye of mysterious Damon Pierce her world takes an unexpected turn of events.

Damon has a reputation for being dangerous but inside he carries guilt and this guilt has keep him haunted and unable to really enjoy life. When he spots this beautiful woman that calls to him he never expected to want to claim her fully and while he fights this intense feelings there is just something about his best friends little sister that calls to him.

This was the perfect beginning for this trilogy and after the cliffhanger ending I can't wait for for.

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