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Prillon warrior Thomar Arcas is the royal heir to his ancestor’s legacy of dishonor, betrayal and death. When he was captured by the Hive, some on his home world cheered. Some sighed with relief. None shed a tear.

Thomar, along with his second, Varin, break free and destroy an enemy base, barely escaping with their lives. They transport to The Colony, the last refuge for contaminated males. Upon arrival they suffer in agony, their cyborg implants fighting for control of the powerful warriors. 

Defeat is not in their blood. Not in their history. Not in their souls. Unable to sever their ties to the Hive implants, and suffering unrelenting pain, the warriors are about to choose an honorable death over further disgrace; until they are matched to a human female from Earth who very much needs their broken pieces to make herself whole. A female whom they crave with an intensity that just might pull them back from the brink of death.

Danika Gray left Earth to start a new life. With every touch, every kiss, every moment in their arms she finds herself closer to the paradise she seeks. But how can she free her new mates from endless torment? Fight an enemy she cannot see? 

Love and passion are her only weapons. Lust. Desire. She must surrender everything she is —give in to their insatiable hunger—in order to save them. 

Even that might not be enough…

September 9
Tydbyts Media
Tydbyts Media

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ashalicious1989 ,


Ahh!! I LOVE this series so much! Grace Goodwin always writes great plots/ storylines for paranormal/alien romances. Danika is such a great woman and mate for her matches. I loved her being so strong yet soft for her mates. Her mates were strong alpha males. The intimate scenes were fire!! Have a cold drink handy!! HEA!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

eks-bookworm ,

Fantastic story!

This is the latest story by Grace Goodwin and I thought it was fantastic! I have loved the series since the beginning and it keeps getting better and better. There was an interesting twist at the end that I can't wait to see how it will play in the next books.

Thomar and his second, Varin have not had an easy time. They have served in the war with honor until they were captured by a Nexus unit. They managed to escape but have been sent to The Colony. Unbeknownst to them, they have been matched by the Interstellar Bride Program. They were going to reject her until they met her. Danika has made some tough decisions in her life and is willing to take a shot at the Interstellar Bride Program. She is not going to let her men make a decision for her regarding their mating though. When they are called upon a mission, they must bring her along. Will they be able to work out their differences to make the mating work?

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Brightndays ,

Will she fight for her mates and future?

Claimed by the Cyborgs is the ninth book in the Interstellar Brides Program: The Colony series. Danika has never felt wanted and after years in prison, she takes the chance to be an Interstellar Bride. Her near perfect match is threatened by the Hive’s integrations and Thomar and Varin might have to make an unexpected choice to let their bride go. Will Danika fight for her mates and future, or will death consume them all?

Oh wow, what an amazing book! I don’t know how she does it, but Ms. Goodwin has created another masterpiece within an already fantastic series. Danika, Thomar, and Varin completely stole my attention and heart! This book grabbed me right away and I truly did not want to put this book down! There’s passion, drama, danger, some twists and turns I didn’t see coming, and there were some emotional scenes, too! I loved it! Danika was skeptical of the process, but I loved that she went feet first into tumbling in love with her mates. She’s a fighter, but she often feels like she doesn’t have much to give. I think she was so strong and courageous and she refused to back down! Thomar and Varin were so interesting to read, to see how the Hive worked on them and how that correlates to having a mate. I loved how much they cared for Danika and put her first, even if that seemed to them like the ultimate sacrifice. I loved their connection, I loved their passion, and I loved how they fought for each other in lots of different ways. I mentioned earlier that there were lots of intriguing twists and turns, too! I loved this book! I love this series! I can’t wait to see what developments might unfold for the future of this series, too!

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