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A shifter waiting to end it all…

A woman living her life surrounded by death…

A destiny few could survive.

Book six in the Feral Breed series

Jameson craves death. Former president of the Four Corners Feral Breed den, he’s abandoned his post and left behind his brothers to escape the worst day of his life. The day he saw his mate—a woman he’d never met—lying dead on a concrete floor, leaving him with nothing to live for except the fight to rescue the kidnapped Omegas and haunting visions of seducing the woman he failed to save.

Aoife sees dead people. Lots of them. The necromancer does her best to help them transition from one plane of existence to the next, but they don’t make it easy on her. Neither do the visions of blue eyes that have been torturing her for the past year, eyes she swears she’s seen before, belonging to a man who fills her dreams with passionate adventures and a desperate longing no one else can satisfy.

A psychic’s dream takes Aoife on a cross-country journey that leads her straight into the battle at Merriweather Fields…and the path of her mystery man. When Jameson realizes his mate is very much alive—most of the time—his renewed zest for life leaves him in a treacherous predicament: protect the men and women of his breed, his friends and Feral Breed brothers, or keep the woman fate says is his perfect match out of harm’s way.

Loyalties shift the landscape and not everyone can find their way across when Death comes out to play in this final, full-length installment of the Feral Breed series.

September 1
Kinship Press
Kinship Press

Customer Reviews

Gma teri ,

Don't forget to grab a fan and tissues

Prepare yourself, Feral Breed lovers, block out some time, grab your fan like always but this time, include a box of tissues. It's like Ellis Leigh walked up, slapped you on the side of your head, making you fall on your butt unable to get up until she's done telling her story. This book grabs your attention, while in your mind your yelling "NO, NO, NO," and doesn't let you go until your sitting with Aoife next to the Merriweather Fields. You can NOT miss this book if you've been reading the Feral Breed Series. The amount of tension in the book will keep you on edge unable to relax until Ms Leigh is done telling Jameson and Aoife's story. It starts where the last one left off so do yourself a favor and reread the last chapter of Claiming His Fire. A little refresher of what was happening and where certain characters were at and why they were there will make the first chapter a lot more interesting (I didn't do it until after 2nd chapter, wish I would've done it sooner). Obviously, don't start with this book if you haven't read any of the others, it just won't make sense and you won't understand what all the crying and yelling is about! If you haven't read any of her books go back to the beginning with Claiming His Fate, you won't be sorry. This series is one you'll find yourself rereading and one of the best ones I've read. I absolutely loved the whole entire series. Not one of the books in it was disappointing, I highly recommend it!

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