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A shifter with a secret that could destroy his world…

A witch without a coven to keep her grounded…

A fated destiny they’ll have to fight to begin.

Book five in the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series

Shadow of the Feral Breed earned his road name by being a sneaky combatant—quite fitting considering he’s been hiding the truth about his heritage for decades. With his life wrapped in secrets and lies to protect himself from the judgment of other shifters, he’s become a master at keeping people at a distance. He’s got a job to do, one that could potentially save the lives of the missing Omega females, and he refuses to let a little thing like honesty get in his way.

Fire witch Scarlett left her coven voluntarily after her sister’s banishment, but she can’t get over the pain of being shunned by the people she saw as her extended family. She keeps her relationships casual, avoiding any real commitment on the chance others may let her down again. But with her powers out of control and her element burning her from the inside out, she’s on a path that can only end in ash.

After a chance meeting leads to a fiery clash, Shadow and Scarlett work hard to break themselves apart as the thread of destiny pulls them closer together. But secrets and lies aren’t a stable foundation for a relationship, and the walls between them are easier to build higher than to tear down. When the truth comes out and the smoke clears, will their fragile connection be burnt through or tempered by the heat? And can their fated bond survive the war brewing in their world?

Full-length novel with adult content featuring a wolf shifter with a secret, a stubborn fire witch with a history of loss, and a slow simmering romance leading the two to war.

June 16
Kinship Press
Kinship Press

Customer Reviews

Cwcx2 ,

Claiming His Fire

Shadow and Scarlett.....Love, Love their story. Ellis Leigh is absolutely one of my favorite authors and she does not disappoint with Claiming His Fire. This series is awesome!

Gma teri ,

An absolute MUST READ!

All I can say is YOU MUST READ THIS!!!! If you're a reader of this series you are just gonna die at the end of this book! It's a killer ending! If you've never read any of Ellis Leigh's books, go back and start at the beginning just so you can get to this point in the series. I'm dyin here, truly dyin, now I've got to read the next book and I have not one oata of an idea of when her next release is. Once again, while reading this book you'll become wrapped up in the lives of the feral breed to the exclusion of everything else in your world. This book is smokin hot in more ways than one. This is Shadows and Scarlett's story and Scarlett is a fire witch and Shadow is like a 007 of the feral breed world. Don't pass this book up, you'll be sorry! I was lucky to receive this book as an ARC in return for a honest review, but I would've bought it in a heartbeat. I just finished it and cannot say enough good things about it. The book is more than just hot, spicy sex ( although there's that in it too). Ms Leigh has woven a world of interesting characters that interchange with the other characters from her different series and the result is absolutely amazing! This story's ending is like a new beginning for a new phase of,her storyline. Come along for a ride on the carousal, it's gonna be a wild ride!

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