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I’m a mess. Broken. Lost my mate and almost myself. In no shape to help anyone.Then the sexy girl serving me drinks stumbles into trouble with a bunch of wolves who are bad business—I should know. They’re the competition. And they’re as dirty at dot-com investing as they are predatory on young things like her. So I save her. Because I may be broken, but I’m not an ass. 

Only she shows up the next day at my office. As my intern.

And now the Red pack is after her, putting us square in a pack war—one she doesn’t even understand. I’m in no shape to claim a mate—not happening—but if I don’t, the Red’s jackass of an alpha will.


I’m just trying to earn my degree and dig my way out of poverty. I was born a shifter—more of my bad luck—but I’ve kept that a secret, so it doesn’t ruin my life. Shifters are monsters. Criminals. And I’m trying to make something of myself. This internship at the hottest internet business development firm in Seattle is my ticket out… only the boss is a wolf. And insanely hot. And he saved my life.

I’d break all the rules for this guy—except he wants nothing to do with me. 

The wolves who do are the Big Bad Wolf kind. The kind I’ve always heard about.

I’ve got nowhere to turn… but to the one guy who doesn’t want me at all.

Claiming Mia (Dot Com Wolves 1) is a super-hot complete story with HEA.

June 29
Alisa Woods
Twisted Space LLC

Customer Reviews

lovetoread911 ,


If you love paranormal suspense then this book is a perfect choice. I was captivated from the first page. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Rach1352 ,

Another amazing book

I love Alisa!!!

didibop1 ,

Claiming Mia

Alissa Woods is a fantastic story teller. Could not put this down, loved it so much downloaded the next in the series right away.
If you loved paranormal shifters this is a must read.

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