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Sourdough: The Gold Standard of Bread
More and more home bakers are replacing mass-produced breads and commercial yeasts in favor of artisan breads made with wild cultures and natural fermentation. Whether you want to capture your own local yeasts, take advantage of established cultures like San Francisco Sourdough, or simply bake healthier, more natural loaves, you’ll find no better guides than renowned sourdough authorities Ed and Jean Wood.
In this updated edition of Classic Sourdoughs, the Woods reveal their newly discovered secret to crafting the perfect loaf: by introducing a unique culture-proofing step and adjusting the temperature of the proofs, home bakers can control the sourness and leavening like never before. The reward? Fresh, hot sourdough emerging from the oven just the way you like it—every time. Starting with their signature Basic Sourdough loaf, the Woods present recipes featuring rustic grains and modern flavors, including Herb Spelt Bread, Prarie Flax Bread, and Malt Beer Bread, along with new no-knead versions of classics like White French Bread. They round out the collection with recipes for homemade baguettes, bagels, English muffins, and cinnamon rolls, plus a chapter on baking authentic sourdoughs in bread machines.
Steeped in tradition, nuanced in flavor, and wonderfully ritualized in preparation, sourdough is bread the way it was meant to be. So join the sourdough renaissance and bring these time-honored traditions into your own kitchen.

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July 12
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Customer Reviews

luvgop ,

The Sourdough Bible

I have the hardcopy original version and have been caring for my own starter ever since. I was so very excited to see the revised edition is available for download as nearly all books I purchase these days are from iBooks.

Sourdough is a science and the Woods go in depth to explain just how it all works. I've ordered some of their authentic San Francisco starter and am anxiously looking forward to giving that a go as well.

Thank you both for all your hard work and dedication to the art of sourdough making. The recipes are amazing and I'm looking forward to trying them ALL!


gsm1966 ,

Great book

I like this book very much! A big advantage of the recipes is the similar way they are all worded. One problem I am having is that rolls and breads turn out dry and the book does not make clear how to address this issue. The variety of recipes is astounding.

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