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John Taylor, third president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was perhaps Elder Parley P. Pratt’s greatest convert. Although Elder Taylor had not yet heard of Elder Pratt’s martyrdom, yet he extolled the preaching impact his fellow apostle had on him when he reflected on his first learning of the latter-day restoration of the gospel. “In my researches, I examined things very carefully and critically. I wrote down six of the first sermons I heard preached by Parley P. Pratt, in order that I might compare them with the Bible, and I could not find any difference. I could easily controvert any other doctrine, but I could not overturn one principle of ‘Mormonism.’” Elder Pratt, in his last published General Conference sermon, gave the key to his persistence in preaching, “In whatever part of the earth [a servant of the Lord] may be located, whether among the Saints or in the very midst of wickedness, and where the power of the devil holds sway, it is his duty to preach righteousness faithfully before the people . . . [T]hey will labor for this earth and every creature therein until the conquest is achieved, and death swallowed up in victory . . .

Then here is my heart, and here is my hand to every good Saint in this world, in the world of spirits, in the resurrected world, and in all the worlds connected with this warfare and this work—here is my heart and hand! Depend upon it; if I am counted worthy, I will be somewhere about whether I stay here or go there, whether I stay in the flesh or go into the spirit world, or whether in the resurrected world, depend upon it, while my name is Parley P. Pratt, I will be somewhere about, and while I am, I will have that one object in view, and if I go into heaven, I shall think of nothing else until this is done, nor act with any other view, and I want to be counted worthy, and I mean to try to be, and trust in God for the rest.” Using the word “rest” with an entirely different meaning, he simply could not “rest” so long as the work of the plan of redemption was incomplete. Such was the spirit that pervaded the sermons of this valiant Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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