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Cleared for Takeoff, Aviation English Made Easy is an Aviation English book for pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC). This book teaches the language of operational flying and airborne communication with emphasis on speaking and listening skills.


Finally, there is a way to learn English necessary for flight in one course made for pilots by pilots. Students are continually motivated and stimulated by the relevance and applicability to their flying. Listening/speaking exercises and role-plays are abundant for practice and performance. The students love the vibrant and clear photos. The audio recordings are an excellent method for increasing listening comprehension. Role-playing is enjoyed by all students and can even be taken farther for fun and learning. The topics sparked many in-class discussions and aided in guided group discussions leading to students putting their new knowledge into practice. 

Language and vocabulary are introduced as would be used in both FAA and ICAO countries as well as many explanations of various ways to refer to situations, parts of aircraft and the airport itself to help teach students the many differences they will find in language on the airways and in the real world of aviation. Highly visible language notes help for understanding of these differences. 

From a non-pilot point-of-view, the teachers supplement helps with answers and explanations for various situations one might face by not being an aviator, this also is a plus when faced with student pilots whose knowledge of flying in and outside the traffic pattern is limited. 

Cleared for Takeoff gives pilots and their teachers everything they need and want; a course book made for them by one of them! One hundred percent of the information in these books is useful and relevant to those who need to speak English in the traffic pattern, on the airways and in the cockpit. Teachers and students alike can appreciate the experience of Captain Mariner as a Master Flight Instructor and language teacher allowing them to benefit from her knowledge and enthusiasm. --Melanie Quillen, Vice President - Plane English and ICAEA Board Member

About the Author

Liz Mariner has been formally recognized by Australian Civil Aviation Authority for excellence in instruction and for her outstanding contribution to safety. She has also been an approved radiotelephony examiner for the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority. She has designed curriculum and courses to meet the ICAO standards. Liz's skills are well known and respected by the training departments of many of the world's major airlines. She is an experienced, dynamic, and dedicated instructor with an enjoyable teaching style. Liz feels privileged to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with those whose job it will be to lead aviation safely into the future.

    April 28
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    Grades 13 and Below

    Customer Reviews

    Z.P.Karol ,

    Excellent for non-native speakers

    Cleared for Takeoff is designed to teach aviation English to student pilots that are not native speakers. For that purpose it is excellent. The author introduces elements of aviation lingo in a very thorough and methodical way, starting from letters and numbers and proceeding through airport and aircraft vocabulary to ground and air conversations. The vocabulary used during training is also explained.

    The book sticks to proper aviation phraseology and provides pronunciation for all words. What makes it really stand out is how nicely the audio examples are integrated into the text--they are playable with a single tap of a finger. Numerous exercises are provided, all with answers.

    I used this book during my PPL training (recently got my license). I am not a native speaker of English and I was initially horrified by the prospect of interacting with controllers spitting aviation speak machine gun-style. Reading the first few chapters allowed me to survive training at a fairly busy class D airport. There is so much to learn for the pilot license these days that I never finished the book before being pushed into a checkride by my CFI. Only now, after passing the exam, I am catching up on things that I missed, incl. reading Cleared for Takeoff to the end. I am still learning a lot and highly recommend the book to all non-native students.

    Pnut976 ,

    Waste of money and time!

    Holy cow this is the most ridiculous waste of money I've spent trying to learn airport communications!

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