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FIHST LIEUTENANT CLINT LANE took his first look at Korea with mixed feelings. He was worrying ahont the safe delivery of a top-secret message for General Carter, but he was excited to know that First Sergeant Bingo Burns would be at the dock to welcome Clint to the Land of the Morning Calm. Clint Lane's first hour in Korea was anything but calm. It was as mixed up as his own feelings about the place. At one minute he and Bingo and two Marine guards and their driver were faced with a wild, howling mob; next minute, Clint and his companions were enjoying the quiet and shelter of a typical Korean home. It was there that Clint Lane met Jim-Joe Bong, "the best hoy in Inchon," who was destined to play such a large part in Clint's life, just as Clint did in Jim-Joe's. With its picturesque background and unusual, exciting twists, this fast-action novel is the most interesting of the famous Clint Lane stories. From start to finish it is a story of dramatic contrasts, of sudden and violent action erupting to jar the long, silent vigil of the watches on the Communist front, of intrigue and treachery menacing the peaceful lives of families and villages. Clint Lane does get a limited chance to play once more in a great football game and in an even more dramatic baseball game, but mostly his is the hard life of the soldier manning the Korean ramparts. Clint's struggle to save Jim-Joe, who becomes his adopted son, turns into the biggest and most challenging fight in Clint's life and not until the very end does Clint know if he's going to win that big one.

January 1
Intuition Equity, LLC
Intuition Equity, LLC

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