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Most people assume that the Clintons amassed their considerable wealth through lucrative book deals and speaking gigs that sometimes paid as much as $750,000. But who paid these fees, and why?

As Peter Schweizer reveals, the Clintons typically blur the lines between politics, philanthropy, and business. Consider the following: Bill flies into a third world country where he spends time in the company of a businessman. A deal is struck. Soon after, enormous contributions are made to the Clinton Foundation, while Bill is commissioned to deliver a series of highly paid speeches. Some of these deals require approval or review by the US government and fall within the purview of a powerful senator and secretary of state. Often the people involved are characters of a kind that an American ex-president (or the spouse of a sitting senator, secretary of state, or presidential candidate) should have nothing to do with.

This blockbuster exposé reveals the mysterious multimillion-dollar Foundation gift from an obscure Indian politician that coincided with Senator Clinton’s reversal on the nuclear nonproliferation treaty; how Secretary of State Clinton was involved in allowing the transfer of what was projected to be 50 percent of US domestic uranium output to the Russian government; how multimillion-dollar contracts for Haiti disaster relief were awarded to donors and friends of Hillary and Bill . . . and more.
Clinton Cash raises serious and alarming questions of judgment, of possible indebtedness to an array of foreign interests, and, ultimately, of fitness for high public office.

Politics & Current Events
July 26
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Customer Reviews

Mehollingsworthesq ,

Don't vote without reading this first!

I'm sorry but anyone who votes for Hillary after reading this book lacks any independent thought whatsoever. This is eye opening and disgusting at the same time. It shows the Clinton machine will do literally anything to gain more power.

Hectortrack ,

My review

I enjoyed reading this book. The information in this book made me shake my head in disbelief. Along with the current email scandal going on with Hillary, I believe her priorities are making money for her and her friends and not helping out American interest around the world. What a shame.

Iluvdan2 ,


I don't believe anything written in this "book" remotely resembles the actual truth. Just right wing propaganda, "fake news", as they like to call it.

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