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The sensual flirtations between Sehn-Shawl and Conner Knight push the edge of being a clean romance.
"Royal Blood" is the first book in the Cloak King Series and begins to document the struggles between the empathy-filled alien Cloak race (who were originally from the planet of Manifest and who also highly embrace honesty and transparency) and their greatest enemies, the narcissistic Narkos race. This story is told through the eyes of human Conner Knight, the Cloak's prophesied King. The home planet of Manifest has unique powers within the natural resources of the planet, aiding Conner in fulfilling his prophesied destiny to become King. Called into a new adventure with the Cloaks, he is guided by a male Cloak, "Mant-Orr" and a female Cloak, "Sehn-Shawl." Initially, Conner is reluctant, not knowing if he can fulfill the Cloak's expectations for him. He then learns about the powers instilled within the sliced Manifest stones which all Cloaks wear, and he then joins in their plight to save their culture against the Narkos race who seek to destroy them. During his training, Conner learns about how he acquired Royal Cloak Blood, about the Cloak's Ancient Society, their various philosophies and Laws of the Universe, and the meanings behind the colored hues surrounding the Cloak stones and coats that are worn. He learns to defensively use "Gray Stone" techniques. Conner learns about his mission to use the Cave of Lost Time to travel into the Ancient Past to redirect the inner cores of Ancient Cloaks to prevent the planet of Manifest from imploding upon itself. Conner begins to admire Sehn-Shawl as he is taught the Cloak ways of connecting with each other, which often includes deep and sensual interactions. While dealing with his own personal life issues as a human, Conner proceeds to research how to save the Ancient Cloak Society as well as how to save Sehn-Shawl by learning the keys toward safely allowing her to successfully complete a round trip though time. Ultimately, Conner Knight learns the skills that help him recover from his personal griefs which in turn enable him to increase the Toh-Sonn levels within his Cloak Blood, a requirement for traveling back into the past.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 10
Deep Perspective Books
Smashwords, Inc.

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