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From the moment his first novel was published, Larry Heinemann joined the ranks of the great chroniclers of the Vietnam conflict--Philip Caputo, Tim O’Brien, and Gustav Hasford.In the stripped-down, unsullied patois of an ordinary soldier, draftee Philip Dosier tells the story of his war. Straight from high school, too young to vote or buy himself a drink, he enters a world of mud and heat, blood and body counts, ambushes and firefights. It is here that he embarks on the brutal downward path to wisdom that awaits every soldier. In the tradition of Naked and the Dead and The Thin Red Line, Close Quarters is the harrowing story of how a decent kid from Chicago endures an extraordinary trial-- and returns profoundly altered to a world on the threshold of change.

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August 9
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
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Flash 1973 ,

Close Quarters

Excellent read, if you are willing to learn some harsh realities of the Viet Nam war. Some parts are really hard to read. So if you view being political correct as primary in life, select another book.

But if you are looking to learn about the SEA Conflict as seen from the eyes of “a grunt”, this is your book.

The politicians of the late 60s told us the War in Viet Nam was limited, and therefore not to worry. This book opens a window into the reality that existed. You’ll learn that for the trigger-pullers in SEA, things weren’t really very limited.

I highly recommend Close Quarters. I’ll read it a second and third time.

Thanks to Larry Heinemann for your service in Viet Nam, and for taking the time to preserve the history of that year.

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