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In less than a single generation digital technology has dramatically and permanently altered the ways in which humans connect and communicate with each other. Conversations and information transfers that once either weren't possible or took days to complete now occur in an instant. Technological advances are profoundly affecting humankind forcing us to change on multiple levels. 

Today's generation gap is totally different from previous generation gaps because of digital technology. While baby boomers may be looking to confirm their theory that indeed this younger generation is going "to hell in a handbasket" just like their parents claimed that "sex, drugs, and rock & roll" was ruining them, readers of both generations will make a surprising discovery. Join the authors as they guide readers on an enlightening exploration of how digital technology and the Internet have changed the way we communicate, relate, work, parent, and mate.

February 10
Gentle Path Press
Archieboy Holdings, LLC

Customer Reviews

jonnywesterman ,

Jackson- concerned parent

Now this book was an eye-opener. I thought that seeing the movie HER would set me up to understand the world of my kids and their friends. But I think I needed to read this in order to get a greater perspective on what is actually happening and where we are headed as a culture. Great read!

innerplay ,

Closer Together, Further Apart

This book was a revelation to me. I didn’t realize how behind my thinking was regarding the use of social media and the Internet in the lives of our young people. If I learned one thing from this book -it’s to stop complaining about “those kids and their devices” and to more fully engage in a digital world that will keep me engaged, in-touch and connected to the evolution of our world

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