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Brenik has always been envious of his twin sister, Bray. Growing up as fairy-like creatures, known as bats, everything came easier to Bray. While Brenik spent his time in her shadows, never feeling he was enough. After escaping their world of Laith, and living on Earth for ten years, Brenik attempts to strike a deal with the Stone of Desire to become human. Though true humanity is not an option, he will accept the curse that will alter him to get as close as he can.

Living in a tree trunk for the past year hasn't been easy for Bray, more so after her brother disappears again. When a human boy and his brother, Wes, find her, a new friendship is struck. Through Wes, Bray learns there can be more to life than waiting within a tree. But worrying over where Brenik has vanished to always remains in the back of her mind.

When Bray reunites with Brenik, she realizes she must help him break the curse after she discovers the need for blood is beginning to overpower him. The curse not only damages those who get close to Brenik, but it could also destroy whatever is blooming between Bray and Wes.

Young Adult
February 19
The Parliament House
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mandapere0922 ,


5 stars I was given this arc from the author in return for my honest thoughts and my review. I really enjoyed this story. This book is something I have never read. Now going into this story I went in not knowing anything. I didn’t want to know anything. I have read Candace other two books and they are amazing. This story is about twins a girl named Bray and her twin brother Brenik. Now these twins are not your normal twins they are bats. Who mother didn’t want anything to with two little bats. So these two young bats were alone to take care of themselves. Now Bray she was a lot bigger and stronger then her twin brother. And Brenik always felt like he didn’t know where he belonged. These two escape their homeland. And when they did Bray was the only one who received a gift. And from there we learn how jealousy has taken over Brenik. This amazing quick read and the writing didn’t disappoint me. This book is wow book. Never was it predictable for me. Highly recommend this book or anything Candace writes. This book comes out February 2019 preorder it.

Dondah ,

Such a unique and creative urban fantasy!

Clouded By Envy is ONE OF MY TOP 5 FAVORITE BOOKS!!! Back two years ago, in 2017, I had the privilege of beta reading it when It was first written. I fell in love with the story of Brenik and Bray!!! To see this book getting published brings tears to my eyes! This is truly the most unique fantasy story, and it is full of heart.

Brenik and Bray...twin brother and sister, they have a rough start in life from the moment they are born.
They flee from Laith to Earth. Brenik goes his way...which is not the easy way. Let’s say he does not choose wisely. Sometimes I was so frustrated with Brenik, but overall my heart went out to him. Bray, the protective and caring sister. How could you not love Bray? She has the most beautiful heart. She shares it with Wes and his little brother, Luca.

The characters are so real, so believable. You see the growth in the two main characters, both in different ways. The dialogue is so beautifully written that you become engrossed in these characters. All of them. The plot moves along so that you want to keep reading, you need to find out what happens next. A cool part too is the 90s references! And of course the Dorian Gray comparison!

Don’t miss out on this one!! It is a one of a kind, absolutely enchanting Fantasy that you are going to want to be sure to read!!! I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!! It deserves ALL THE STARS IN THE SKIES FROM EARTH TO LAITH!!!

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