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Simplify your life today!


<li>♣Is your home filled with stuff?</li>

<li>♣Want to declutter but not sure how?</li>

<li>♣Are you longing for some space in your busy life?</li>


This practical and easy-to-read book provides an adaptable game plan to declutter your home and your life once and for all. 

There is guidance on how to organize your remaining things, tips on changing your consumer behavior so you can keep your house in order and an entire chapter devoted to alternatives to throwing unwanted items in the trash

It answers all your burning questions such as what minimalism is, how to deal with the emotions evoked by sentimental items and what to do if your screwdriver, bra or tax returns don’t spark joy but you feel like you have to keep them anyway!

You have heard about decluttering and know it could be an answer to your woes. Maybe you have read about it and given it a go. After all, the end result sounds so inviting. But some of the instructions sound far-fetched, abstract or just too hard. 

Know that you CAN embrace minimalism in the best way that suits you and your family. This book provides easy, practical tips to help you declutter in a realistic way and shows that it can take less time and be more fun than you think. 

Imagine how great it will be when you declutter your home and your life. There are benefits in so many areas: 


<li>♣A tidier house that is a breeze to keep clean</li>

<li>♣Finding everything you love and use easily in your organized home </li>

<li>♣More time to spend with your family on fun experiences and activities</li>

<li>♣Fewer arguments over toys, plus kids who create, imagine and dream </li>

<li>♣Knowing your unwanted stuff is being used by people who need and love it</li>

<li>♣Never being stuck in a consumer culture in which you buy stuff to feel good</li>

<li>♣Living your best life with the time and space to do exactly what you want to do</li>

<li>♣And, of course, jettisoning all those crumpled shirts and never ironing again!</li>


I have distilled an avalanche of advice and my learnings from a month of decluttering into simple and practical tips to help busy, modern mamas, just like you and me, to embrace minimalism in a realistic way to remain clutter-free forever

This refreshingly non-judgmental book includes tips on:


<li>♣Deciding what to do with unwanted items: donate, sell, give away or trash</li>

<li>♣Reducing your consumption going forward by hiring or not purchasing at all</li>

<li>♣Embracing minimalism in other areas of your life including a digital declutter</li>

<li>♣Making decisions about kids’ artwork, old photo albums and that unsightly vase left to you by your dearly departed grandmother</li>


Follow the advice in this book and find the real you—the one that you know is in there but has been drowned by all your stuff. You may not believe it now, but you will move from just coping to thriving. 

What’s stopping you from being the modern minimalist mama you want to be—not when the ‘time is right’, but today? Don’t wait another restless night in your overcrowded bedroom to read this book. 

To gain your life back, buy this book today.

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February 16
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Julie Schooler (BoomerMax Ltd)

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