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Zadie Baldamar, 29, obtained her Medical Degree and is currently in her last year of becoming a qualified Medical Doctor.
Zadie has worked very hard to carry out her goal and is now on the brink of completing her residency program at NYU School of Medicine. But, as content, as she is with her drive to complete her residency, she was in distress. Beneath her perfect demeanor, Zadie has been living a double life as a serial adulterer. Since then she faced many demons.
This pattern became unhealthy for a firm woman who believed in love and monogamy. A woman who once thought affairs were beneath her. Zadie dwelled on finding a remedy to change her erotic ways. Yet as she returns home to the constant physical abuse from her husband, Nazzir Baldamar. Deterred Zadie from remaining faithful. Though, in hindsight, she felt her husband knew of the affairs.
... One day Zadie awoke from a concussion in a cold bloody bathtub. Then an outburst of trouble and struggle occurred between Zadie and her husband. But Zadie was able to escape from the home in which she was being held captive. Upon her escape, she knew at that moment she would file for divorce.
While this was Zadie's final straw with her husband, it was also her final stage in life. Zadie's dead corpse was found the following morning, stabbed numerous times to her demise. Allegedly by her estranged husband.
While detectives investigate the murder of Zadie Baldamar. Zamora secretly conducts one of her own. During Zamora investigation, she discovered her sister was not who she portrayed to be.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 25
T. Xorí Williams
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Panama Brown ,

Co-Incidental Encounters Unbearable

Amazing Read !! But I’m Super Upset With The Ending Lol .. Look Forward To Part 2 🙏🏽

Gracebooks ,

Co incidental encounters

Great book could not put it down cannot wait for part two

EA never reads ,

Couldn't put it down!

T. Xori Williams does a wonderful job making you want to keep reading to find out want happens next! I am one of those people who never picks up a book but I'm glad I did. I can't wait for Book 2!