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For centuries, cultures around the world have used coconut oil for its many nutritional and health benefits. Now, coconut oil is finally gaining widespread recognition for its proven ability to help with weight loss and improve hair and skin health. Coconut Oil for Beginners will introduce you to using coconut oil as a miracle cure for the body, and as an amazing addition to your kitchen! This rich, flavorful oil is a healthy alternative to bad saturated fats, and can help you lose weight.

COCONUT OIL FOR BEGINNERS is a comprehensive how-to guide on using coconut oil in every area of your life, from your beauty routine to your cooking.

• Learn how to use coconut oil to boost immunity and fight the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer's and heart disease.

• Cook dozens of delicious recipes that replace bad saturated fats with this flavorful, nutritious alternative.

• Discover scientific research on the anti-aging and stress relief properties of coconut oil.

• Create glowing, soft hair and skin with easy DIY coconut oil beauty applications.

• Use coconut oil to lose weight, increase your metabolism, and improve your thyroid function.

May 8
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Customer Reviews

Goddess Anne ,

Oil for All

Coconut Oil For Beginners is an encyclopedia of information and recipes that will help you tap into the healing and nutritional powers of coconut oil. This book explains how this magic oil is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial agent. When combined with other natural ingredients, it can be used to relieve stress, revitalize your skin and hair, and even help you lose weight. Coconut Oil for Beginners will leave you feeling excited and encouraged about your new, healthier life with coconut oil. Also, the food and drink recipes are fantastic!

TR-Rides-Again ,

Great book on a great ingredient

To be honest, I came to “Coconut Oil for Beginners” as a skeptic, given the seemingly endless number of benefits claimed by this book and others regarding coconut oil. Well, I am now a convert, in large part due to “COFB” and the explanations and recipes it includes. After reading the book, it seems silly not to follow its advice. I’ve checked independently, and all the claims are legit – not to mention the fact that, without a scientific background, it’s cool to be able to speak intelligently about the differences between saturated fats, know the effects of certain chemicals on the epidermis, and offer tips and recipes on skin treatments (which, I have to say, scores big brownie points with the ladies). A top-notch book for those unfamiliar with coconut oil, and one that’s sure to have new ideas and recipes even for old pros.

Eanbay ,


These other reviews must be fake. I found it pretty bare bones with lackluster recipes. Not worth the money.

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