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Years ago, we were in love. She was an up-and-coming superstar and I was the security professional hired to keep her safe. We fell hard and fast, no matter how much we tried to resist one another. But not everyone around us was happy about our relationship, and a string of lies and deceit destroyed what we once had. I moved on from her and didn’t look back.

Now I’ve taken the helm of a nationally renowned protective services company, and I’m looking to rebrand my career. The newly crowned Jameson Force Security is moving from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the mountainous steel town of Pittsburgh, and the last thing I have time for is to deal with my past.

More than a decade has passed since our split, but even a bruised and battered heart remembers its first love. So when Joslyn Meyers comes to me for help, I reluctantly agree to keep her safe from a terrifying stalker who keeps threatening her life.

As the danger continues to intensify, it becomes clear that I’ll stop at nothing to protect the woman who turned her back on me all those years ago. Because one thing is certain—no matter how hard I try to convince myself otherwise, Joslyn still has my heart.

May 7
Big Dog Books, LLC
Big Dog Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

romancereader77 ,

Code name genesis

Kynan was introduced in the wicked series and I could not wait to read his story. However it fell a little flat for me. It was still a good read and decent book but nothing like the wild man in wicked that scenes with his friend Jericho and his girlfriend.

ActionRay ,

Easy to Fall in Love Again

We first met Kynan and Joslyn in Wicked Force and Genesis picks up 12 years after Wicked Force ends.

I'm not going to lie, Kynan was an a-hole when Genesis first started and I would have liked to have seen that behavior hang around for a few more chapters, but when faced with your first and only love it's hard to stay mad and not give into the feelings that simmer below the surface.

I like Joslyn and Kynan's relationship, the seamless introduction to future characters ( Fingers crossed for Bebe's book), and the drama in the form of a psycho.

Wonderful start to a new series and a suspense book that holds it in own in the genre.

**ARC provided for an honest review**

Bette H ,

A Riveting & Heartfelt Story! Brilliant Listen🎧📚🎧

I loved this book, it is a beautiful written story of two people who suffered from tragedy and loss. Malik was on a mission with other members of Jameson Force Security, it was supposed to be an in and out rescue mission but things went bad when they were ambushed from behind, two members of his team were killed and he was taken hostage, held for five months in an hole in the ground somewhere in a Syrian desert. He was tortured and was not sure what his future held, he was doubtful he even had one. Jameson Force Security lead by Kynan, did not give up on finding him, it took them months to locate him but they did and the team went in and rescued Malik. Kynan, one of my favorite characters in this series, looks out for his men, he wanted to make sure Malik got the help he needed not allowing him to go back to full duty until he was cleared. Anna Tate’s life was forever changed, she lost her husband and gave birth to his daughter several months after the loss, a bittersweet moment for her. She is learning how to live again, she is now working at Jameson Force Security and coming to terms with being a single mom. She was happy to hear that Malik was rescued, she only met him briefly before he left on the mission so she was not expecting to feel such a strong connection to him as she did. I felt the two were perfect for each other and together. Two wounded souls with broken hearts, hers for losing her husband his for the guilt he felt for the failed mission. I love how their story played out, it is beautiful plotted with plenty of drama, a bit of angst, many heart filling emotions and the start of a wonderful romance. Sawyer Bennett did a great job covering survivor’s guilt and PTSD. I loved how realistic and relatable the characters are, it is easy to see and understand what they are going thru. Also loved Malik’s connection to Cold Fury Hockey. Thank you for another awesome book, I know I said it before but this is definitely one of my favorites of yours, one of many.

I listened to the audiobook edition, Aaron Shedlock and Virgin’a Rose are talented narrator and versatile voice artists. They bring the characters to life naturally and with ease, giving each their own voice. They do an awesome job portraying each characters, I loved Aaron’s Malik, he captured his true persona and sounded just as I pictured him to sound. His Kynan was perfection too, great job with the British accent. Virginia’s Anna was spot on too. Both are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another awesome listen🎧

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