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This book is for baristas, trainers of baristas, cafe owners and mildly obsessed coffee drinkers who need a go-to guide on all elements of serving a good cup of coffee. Many books, blogs and videos are full of great information but how much actually translates to great tasting coffee and how much do you remember?

Coffee for the Mildly Obsessed is for readers who want to learn more about making and drinking quality coffee but are overwhelmed or confused by the wealth of information out there. It looks at the stuff you need to know to be a great barista and presents it in a way that will help you learn — and retain the information. It's not a typical textbook either — there are many practical exercises, demonstrations, videos and tests to get you off your backseat, helping to drive the points home.

A complete reference manual in a fun, casual style, it has detailed chapters on coffee brewing, water,  grinding, cupping, espresso, milk, as well as tea and chocolate. It doesn't have heaps of useless information irrelevant to the barista.

All in all, this book promises to get you enthusiastic about the sensations of coffee and for you to be able to convey that enthusiasm to its adoring fans: your customers.

Serve your customers coffee they'd love to drink.

What people in the industry are saying:

Jenny, barista and cafe reviewer
"It's evidently very well researched and informed, with lots of data to support the advice given. I like that it acts so openly as a manual, and supports the reader through the process of understanding coffee in all ways, as well as explaining the way to make and drink good coffee. I personally found the cultural history of coffee very interesting, and appreciate it was included to give the whole 'love of coffee' context."

Jamie, roaster and barista
"The personality of the writer really shines and I like that a lot...it's a style that keeps me turning pages simply by offering good solid information in a way that doesn't dry out...love it!"

Grant, speciality green bean trader
"This book has clear and straightforward instruction and learning points. It's objective and highly credible and has a friendly, informal tone."

Andrew, barista trainer
"I've lost a lot of passion for coffee in the past year due to various things, but reading your work has reinvigorated the passion a lot."

The manual is formatted to work in landscape and in Scrolling View, which means that you can view it on an iPhone and adjust the font size.

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