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Discover How You Can Use The Power Of CBT, DBT & ACT To Protect Yourself, Improve Your Mental & Emotional Wellbeing & Live A More Happy and Fulfilling Life!

Do you suffer from Mental Health issues on a regular basis?

Have you tried every pill, technique & method those '5 minute reads' online recommend?

Do you want a step by step, holistic guide to overcoming your mental health challenges once and for all?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you're in the right place.
Thankfully, it's more and more common in modern society for people to open up about their struggles with mental health. As a result, we're all able to begin our own healing journeys to a happier, healthier life.
Yet, for whatever reason, there still seems to be some stigma about discussing, learning about, or getting Therapy.
But Therapy, when done right, can be one of the best tools towards long term mental wellbeing & truly overcoming the mental health challenges you are suffering from by firstly identifying and then treating the root cause.
In fact, I believe there are far more people who could benefit from Therapy than are actually going to Therapy.

And that is where this book can help you take that all-important first step.
Not only will this book help you understand the 3 main types of Therapy: CBT, DBT & ACT, but instead of just being a book on endless theory, I will give you actual techniques & practical methods you can start using TODAY to help you, whatever situation you're currently struggling with.
I'll give you a basic blueprint you can use to start to truly deal with the underlying issues behind your struggles.
From there, I'll help you understand what makes a therapist GREAT (instead of just OK) and how to find one that will help you long-term in your situation - if you want one, of course.

You deserve to be emotionally, mentally & psychologically healthy.

You deserve to be happy.

This book will help you start on the path to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Here's a Tiny Preview of What's Inside…
Why Has CBT Become So Popular? A Practical Look At Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & 3 Ways It Can Help You Overcome Your Anxiety, OCD, Depression & More!7 Simple, Yet Wildly Effective, Techniques To Reduce The Severity Of Your Depression & Anxiety TODAY!How 1 Simple Practice Take Takes As Little As 5 Minutes Per Day Could Rapidly Reduce Your AnxietyThe Single Key difference That Separates ACT From Other Therapies…How Procrastination Is Linked To Mental Health & How You Can Easily Overcome Procrastination With This 1 MethodHow To Combine Spirituality & Personal Development, And How Both Can Drastically Improve Your Mental Health3 Must-Know Strategies For Breaking Your Bad Habits, And Building Habits That Support A Healthy, Happy LifestyleHow You Can Use Dialectical Behavioral Therapy To Transform Negative Thinking Patterns & Destructive Behaviors Into Positive Outcomes (And To Regulate Your Emotions, Healthily)
...And SO Much More!

Oh, and it's written in the simplest, most concise way possible, to help you understand exactly what you need to, and most importantly, how to take action!So, If You Want To Start Your Journey To The Happiest, Healthiest Version Of Yourself, Then Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart."

Health, Mind & Body
January 18
Devon House Press
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