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Born and raised on the sunny shores of Gypsy Beach, Hope Camden is struggling to make sense of life on her husband’s family cattle ranch, which is often buried in three feet of snow. She willingly traded in her flip-flops for cowgirl boots, but life on the ranch isn’t quite how she imagined it. Truthfully, she doesn’t understand how anyone survives in a town where the cows vastly outnumber the people, the mailman reads the mail before delivering it, the doctor’s office is in an old mechanic’s shop, and the poodle-grooming beauty shop owner moonlights for the mortuary. Her husband is kind, sweet, and oh so sexy, but the Nebraskan winters may be more than she can withstand.

Born and bred to be a cowboy, Brock Camden is desperate to make Hope love Pleasant Glen as much as he does. There’s nothing better than having his wife in his arms or in his bed. He just has to show her that life on his family’s cattle ranch can be just as magical as their life on Gypsy Beach, if she’ll give it a chance.  A shocking twist of fate has both of them clinging tightly to one another, and Brock has to prove that he’ll stand by her side through thick or thin. Will the fiery passion they have between the sheets be enough to keep them warm through the long, cold winter nights?

December 1
Realm Press
Jill Richardson Neal

Customer Reviews

beckyedison ,

I’m in love

I’m in love with the Camden Ranch! If I could, I would pack up and move in a heartbeat! There is so much love and no matter what family is always be there for you.

This book has everything you would want in a book! Once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it down! Once your finished, you’ll be ready for her other books so don’t forget to read those as well!

V5.4=Epic Fail ,

Sexy, Funny & Real

Coincidental Cowgirl is that rare glimpse into a couple and their relationship after their HEA (Happy Ever After). This is the second chance that Jillian Neal gives us to follow Brock & Hope's journey. It's not necessary to read their first adventure in order to enjoy this one (oh, but do yourself a big favor and read Gypsy Hope too. It's worth it, I promise). I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see them work through relationship hurdles that we all know routinely happen once you're married. Brock & Hope are newlyweds who have moved from Gypsy Beach to Nebraska. For Brock, this is a return to his family; to his roots and to the landscape of his childhood. It's a return to the familiar. Oh by for Hope, she is adrift. New situations, new people, almost new everything. She's floundering and doesn't want to burden her new husband who is working overtime to prove himself to her, to his family and to the townspeople of Pleasant Glen. The joy of this novel is seeing them work through these issues both separately and together. I cannot express adequately how much I enjoy Jillian Neal's style. It's real, visceral and believable. Beyond sexy in all the right ways, layered with details, and her take on small town life is beyond hilarious. I found this to be one of her funniest and sexiest novels to date.

MikkaJane ,

Coincidental? I don't think so.

I loved this book. It was very touching, especially at the end. Brock and Hope have a very new marriage and are working out some kinks in their communication skills. There are many twists and turns, ups and downs in this story. You will laugh and cry. Brock and Hope's story is just beginning and will be long and beautiful. Hope's part of the story shows how she struggles to be a rancher's wife and comes to love living on the ranch and love ranch life. Brock's part of the story shows how he comes to realize that he needs to help Hope to adjust to this new life that she has married into. He realizes that she has to adjust to a very small town that they live near and are a part of, as he does that he finds out how much Hope has been hurt by some of the town by their nosing into every part of their lives. When Hope and Brock finally get everything out in the open with each other they find that they get the surprise of their lives. As their surprise brings them even closer together, they receive an enormous amount of help from Brock's family on the ranch that helps them to adjust and cope with their news. You won't want to miss out reading this wonderful lively story. There were moments when I thought that some of the things happening described myself. This is such a real and wonderful book that has come to life for me. Jillian Neal has outdone herself once again by bringing these characters to life in this wonderful tale of love and passion. New beginnings and coming together to be the best couple and family that these people represent. It is a must read, and I think definitely one to not just read but to re-read all over again and again.

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